Postgame Quotes: #10 Michigan 3, Northwestern 0

Oct. 27, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Greg Ryan

On the match ... "I think we played one of our best matches of the year. We controlled possession and were very patient in our attack. It was another shutout for the team, for the defense and for Taylor. We gave away very few chances today. Northwestern was playing five at the back, which is difficult to break down. I thought they did a good job of keeping us in front of them and not letting us get in behind. Cassie (Collins) really broke the ice and that was key. When that happened, they started to come out more and even more so after we got that second goal. That opened up even more chances. Nicky (Waldeck) finished it off with a fantastic goal, a rocket with her left foot."

On balanced scoring, getting five goals on the weekend from five different players ... "It was great to see. We showed that kind of balance in the non-conference, but we really hadn't done it yet in Big Ten play. I think our freshmen have matured greatly. They are gaining confidence more and more each week and have shown a great understanding of how to play within our group. Nicky has looked great in training. I told her today before the match that she was ready, just to believe in herself and do her thing. Don't think too much; just play. She's looked so good. I think in today's match, during the second half, she took it up to another level. Her goal was fantastic. Madisson Lewis gave her the assist. Cassie stepped up and got the first goal on a shot from distance. (Meghan) Toohey had the composure to finish under pressure with that PK. Today's match showcased the talent and depth that this team has."

On preparing for Saturday's match against Ohio State and the mental aspect of potentially playing for a Big Ten championship ... "You go into it saying, 'Hey, anything can happen.' Indiana is having a great year. They are 6-4-0 and play everyone tough. They played us tough. We have to believe we still have a chance. When the match starts, we'll know the result. The worst we can do is finish second in the Big Ten, which is something this team hasn't done in a long time. We'll hope we can catch a break from Indiana. At a minimum, they get a draw to give us a chance. At this point, even three games ago, we wanted to give ourselves every chance to win this conference championship, but we do it one game at a time and we don't worry about what anyone else does. We also realize there's a lot to play for. We have the Big Ten Tournament. We have the NCAA Tournament. We try to look at the big picture in terms of what this team can achieve. Finishing second is another big step for our program. This team enjoys playing together. They played hard this weekend and played well. They had smiles on their faces when they came off the field. We'll be ready for the next game regardless of what happens."

On the senior class and honoring them before next Saturday's match ... "They have been the cornerstone. Without that class, we never rebuild this program to this level. From their first year on, when we made the NCAA Tournament with them as freshmen, to the Sweet 16 last year ... I don't know what to say. They are the foundation, not only talent-wise but leadership-wise. It's in the quality of their character. It's an amazing class. I'm lucky they came here and I got to coach them."

U-M Fifth-Year Senior Holly Hein

On the importance of the wins this weekend and the winning streak as a whole ... "I think we've just really bounced back since that Wisconsin/Minnesota weekend in late September. That was rough on us. After that, we put our minds to it and said that we were going to get results. It's been a total team effort. It's great to know that we can execute and get it done regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what the other team is doing. I thought we came in prepared this weekend for both opponents. Today, Northwestern came out in a different system and we adjusted. I'm proud of our team."

On Saturday's match vs. Ohio State and it being Senior Night ... "I haven't started thinking about it. Maybe a little bit, since Northwestern had theirs today. It's a little bit of a weird feeling. For us, it's business as usual. We have a game to play on Saturday and it's always a big one. Ohio State is a great team with great players. We're going to be focused on that and hopefully we can close the regular season out with a win, which would be big for us. We'll get ready to play and go from there. As far as Senior Day, we'll deal with it when it happens and enjoy it a little, too."

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