Postgame Quotes: #14 Michigan 3, Illinois State 0

Nov. 22, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Greg Ryan
Opening statement ... "We've had a lot of great games this year and certain parts of our game have been outstanding. This was probably the most complete game we've played all year long. Taylor was rock solid on defense and they were giving away nothing to a team that scored a ton of goals this year. Our midfield was dynamic in movement to help us get in behind their defense. So many players tonight contributed to our attacking. Overall, it was a fantastic effort for the whole team."

On being able to host the second weekend ... "It's fantastic for us. When Western Michigan upset Marquette, it allowed for us to host these two games. We're just excited to be at home in front of our home fans. They've been fantastic in supporting the team and were again tonight. I think for the program and the players, it's special for them to be able to play at their own place this late in the season."

On scoring fast in each half ... "It's like Holly said. This team has done a great job of coming out and just going for it. We're not waiting around. We're not waiting for Nkem to do it. In the past, it always just seemed like we were waiting for Nkem. We all have to take that responsibility to get to goal and score and I think that's what you saw tonight."

On coaching this team ... "I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I love most and that's coach. As a coach, you have good days and bad days. Every day I get to go out on the training field and work with players like Holly, Nkem and Shelina. The most rewarding thing is that they've done so well and they're such a great group of people. I would coach this group of people for the rest of my life. I would never make another change. I'd keep these guys. That's the most rewarding thing."

U-M Fifth-Year Senior Holly Hein
On the team's gameplan vs. Illinois State ... "I think we wanted to come out and attack against them. We've been emphasizing the fact that we want to score in the first five minutes, first ten minutes and really not give them anything to start with. In both halves, we scored in the first five minutes. You can't be content. You have to keep going at them. I think it was an awesome performance again by our front-runners."

On winning the first and second balls and 50/50 balls ... "It's always key for us to win the first and second ball. We wanted to work hard tonight and it showed. Our midfield was awesome. The first ball fell and they were on top of the second ball every time. Credit to them. They were winning battles all over the field."

U-M Senior Nkem Ezurike
On the goal ... "It was a good one. Was a great pass by Toohey. I turned it and hit. It's also great because we were only up one goal at that point, so getting another one is helpful for the team. As for the record, haven't really thought about it. Later on, I'll look back on it and it'll be awesome."

On the physicality and getting fouled ... "You can't think about it. It's part of the game. You're going to get fouled. I use it as motivation. I keep going and if they foul, we're going to get a free kick. Something comes out of it either way."

On Madisson Lewis ... "She's just been awesome the whole year. She came on strong in the preseason and has improved throughout. She's a force to be reckoned with. She can beat any defender on down the line and inside. All of our attacking players are dangerous. You can't focus on one person. Someone has to step up and score goals."

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