The Yellow Armband: Never Back Down, Never Give In
Meghan Toohey

Sep 5, 2013

Every Wednesday throughout the 2013 season, captains Nkem Ezurike, Holly Hein, Meghan Toohey and Shelina Zadorsky will give the public an inside look at the University of Michigan women's soccer team through this blog, The Yellow Armband. In the third entry, Meghan recaps the team's hard-fought victories last weekend and comments on the fun things you hear after the first day of classes.

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to be writing my very first Yellow Armband after another winning weekend! Between our wins and the football win over Central Michigan, it was a great weekend to be a Wolverine -- that is for certain.

All last week we were preparing for a weekend that we knew would test our team's ability both in skill and in grit. We knew our first match against Eastern Michigan would be battle, because that team is so determined and never gives up anything easy and we knew Sunday's match against San Diego State would be tough because of how talented and skillful they are. Both proved to be very true.

The Eastern Michigan match was a tough one, as anyone who was there can vouch for. Although we scored first, Eastern never laid down. They managed to score with less than 10 minutes to go in the match and our team once again had to remember our motto that both Holly and Shelina have mentioned in previous blogs ... Relentless. We must be relentless even after playing a full 90 minutes and looking at overtime. One of our team goals this year is to once again be the best team in the state. We had to forget they scored and we had to "roll up our sleeves" as Dino would say and fight for the win. That's exactly what we did. I may have scored the game-winning goal, but it was the team's mindset that won us that match. This "never back down, never give in" attitude is becoming a collective vision within our team that is growing stronger as each match passes. I think that match Friday night was exactly what we needed and it proved true Sunday, as we beat San Diego State, 3-1. They got an early goal on us, but, once again, our players didn't hang their heads. We just got back to work, got the equalizer a few minutes later and tacked on a couple more as the match went on. Relentless!

As a team, we are gaining the confidence to take on anyone, but we need to remember first and foremost to always bring our high work ethic and tenacity, because that makes the difference between the team we are and the team we have the potential to be.

We know that it is still very early in the season and that there will be many more challenges and obstacles waiting for us. Classes started this week and we know we can no longer pretend to be professional soccer players. We must be students first. It is always fun to come to practice the first day of classes and hear about who is taking what, what kind of professors people have or what crazy thing someone saw in the Diag that day. Classes may make our week much busier, but warm-up is never shy of a new story to entertain the group.

We've got another test tomorrow when a very good Pepperdine team comes to our place. I want to personally thank everyone that supported us last weekend and hope that you all can make it out to cheer us on once again. Nothing feels better than singing Hail to the Victors after a win to all of you!

Finally, good luck to our men's soccer team, as they take on South Florida under the lights right after our match on Friday. And, of course, sending a big GO BLUE to our football team vs. Notre Dame on Saturday. Let's hope for another weekend where everyone wishes they could be a Wolverine!

Until next time, GO BLUE!

-- Meghan

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