The Yellow Armband with Clare Stachel

Sept. 8, 2010

Each Wednesday of the 2010 season, one of the Michigan women's soccer captains -- Jackie Carron, Kylie Neschke and Clare Stachel -- will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the U-M program.

The Yellow Armband with Clare Stachel
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 -- Here Comes the Homework

Well school has officially started! With that comes more homework, late nights and of course a little confusion. As far as I know, most of the freshmen managed to find their classes easily enough, even though it took Meghan Toohey a little while to navigate throughout the CCRB. The new year does start with some excitement; like who is going to be in your classes, are your professors funny and all the new school supplies! (Just kidding, although I did love school supply shopping in elementary school).

Some of us will be spending a little bit more time with each other than expected, seeing as how we are all in the same lecture for Biology 105. It is called science for non- scientist, perfect for all us English and political science majors. Courtney Mercier, Haley Kopmeyer, Lindsey Thut, Alyssa Engstrom, Kylie Neschke and myself will all spend the next semester learning about nutrition in Bio 105, so if you see us at an after-game BBQ, we might have a few tips on what or what not you should be eating!

The university also made back to school an enjoyable time with a welcoming dinner. All the athletes were invited to the Jack Roth Suites to indulge in hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and cookies, our team's personal favorite. It was a great event to say hi to fellow athletes we hadn't seen all summer, and also to introduce our freshmen. To top off the night, Lloyd Carr gave a great speech. Not only was it nice to introduce our freshmen to a legend in the Michigan family, but also he left us with some great words of wisdom to help during the season. Short version; he said, that is does not matter what you did yesterday, last month or last year; it does not matter if you were an All-American in high school or won a game last week; all that matters is what you do today.

If you can make it to Toledo on Friday night then come on out! But for now it is back to homework and practice! GO BLUE.

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