The Yellow Armband: The Next Task
Nkem Ezurike

Sept. 11, 2013

Every Wednesday throughout the 2013 season, captains Nkem Ezurike, Holly Hein, Meghan Toohey and Shelina Zadorsky will give the public an inside look at the University of Michigan women's soccer team through this blog, The Yellow Armband. Nkem takes the blog over this week, recapping the team's 2-0 win over Pepperdine last week and talks about how the team keeps its focus for each match.

Hello Michigan Fans,

Last weekend was a big test for our team, as we played a highly ranked Pepperdine squad. We worked hard all week in preparation for a tough battle, and it surely paid off. The team played extremely well, and a special credit goes out to our defensive play in shutting down their star forward along with the rest of the team. It was truly a great game to win and was made possible because of the actions of our team as a whole. I'm so proud of the hard work and commitment the team had all throughout the week.

Our non-conference schedule is coming to an end this weekend, as we play Detroit this Thursday at 7 p.m. at home and then our first away game of the season against Butler on Sunday. While we are excited to finish off non-conference play, we still have a big task at hand with these two teams. Detroit and Butler are strong and will come out hard against us, even more so after our big win last week and with our team currently ranked 11th in the country. Nonetheless, this team is ready for the challenge and has done an excellent job of not thinking about the rankings but rather focusing on the next task, which is preparing for the next game against Detroit.

Along with the excitement of the win last Friday night, the team got to experience even more excitement the following day with the second Under the Lights football game against Notre Dame. The energy and love for Michigan made it an incredible, electric atmosphere. A handful of players were fortunate enough to be inside the Big House for the game, while others enjoyed watching the victory on TV with family and friends.

The success of the team would not be the same if it were not for all you fans that have come out and supported us so far this season! We encourage you to keep the support coming, especially this Thursday night at 7 p.m. for the game against Detroit! We would love to see you there! You are absolutely a part of our team!

Go Blue!

-- Nkem

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