The Yellow Armband: Ready, Set, Bake!
Haley Kopmeyer

Oct. 3, 2012

Periodically throughout the 2012 season, tri-captains Holly Hein, Haley Kopmeyer and Clare Stachel will provide an inside look at the University of Michigan women's soccer team through this blog, The Yellow Armband. In this entry, Kopmeyer talks about last weekend's results, and gives her thoughts on the team's upcoming second annual bake-off.

Hello everyone!

After another exciting Big Ten weekend with matches against Iowa and Nebraska, our team sits at 4-0-1 in conference play. After a somewhat disappointing tie to Iowa, we rebounded to get a huge double overtime win against Nebraska last Sunday (Sept. 30). Chloe Sosenko knocked in the first goal but it was none other than Nkemjika who came up huge when we needed it most, getting yet another game winner. It was a gritty win and we hope to keep that moving forward in conference play.

Not to be outdone, the Michigan men's team followed up or win with a double overtime win of their own, scoring in the final minute of the match to beat Ohio State on a free kick from 60 yards out. What a weekend for Michigan soccer! Hopefully we can all keep it going on Saturday, as we head to Northwestern and the boys take on Penn State at home. Two years ago at Northwestern, our team battled sideways rain and winds so strong that Sarah Stancyzk (a senior at the time) had to hold the ball on my goal kicks much like a football field goal. The ball could travel the length of the field without anyone touching it. It was by far one of the wildest soccer matches I've ever been a part of. Luckily the current forecast for this weekend is a bit chilly, but all clear!

Away trips and long bus rides are always different when school is in session versus when we are not. Our trip to California last month was loaded with exciting visits to teammates' homes and LA Galaxy soccer games. Now that school is officially in full swing, our lives from the outside probably seem far more boring. Your middle-of-the-road bus trip usually includes half the girls sprawled out doing homework all over the bus and the other half sleeping. I've found that my 5-foot-11 frame struggles to find a comfortable sleeping position in bus seats so I really feel for those teams where the athletes are even taller than me. The cycle for weekdays are eat, class, eat, soccer, eat, homework, sleep. Then repeat.

Now I know what you're thinking... "They eat a lot." You would be correct. Soccer girls are often found at many of the local food hot spots around Ann Arbor, the dorm cafeterias, or in their own kitchens prepping out food options that will last a whole day. We are currently preparing for our second annual team bake-off. Last year, a handful of girls all baked a cake (or pumpkin roll if you are Kayla Mannino) and the rest of the team came over and tasted the results. Clare Stachel is the team's well-known baker; however, it was fun to see others rising to the challenge. We're all excited to see what is brought to the table this year (literally) and if any freshmen possess a secret talent for making great cakes.

Perhaps the two most interesting story lines at last year bake-off were the reassurance that Meghan Toohey truly follows directions like a champ and can make a mean funfetti cake. The other was Nkem's "everything" cake she created. Pretty much anything that could be in a cake was in this one. There were three giant layers of cake and frosting of all different flavors. It was also topped with several different types of candy. No cake option was left unturned. The end result was borderline frightening between the size and amount of sugar each bite possessed. I can only imagine how this year will go...

My predictions are as follows:

Winner: Clare Stachel
Darkhorse: Danielle Mazur or Ali Speck
Biggest Eater: Me
Most Over-The-Top: Olivia Buechler
Most Consistent: Meghan Toohey and her funfetti
Newcomer of the Year: Corinne Harris

Thanks for reading, and Go Blue!

- Haley

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