The Yellow Armband: Tales from the Road
Clare Stachel

Oct. 10, 2012

Periodically throughout the 2012 season, tri-captains Holly Hein, Haley Kopmeyer and Clare Stachel will provide an inside look at the University of Michigan women's soccer team through this blog, The Yellow Armband. In this entry, Stachel revisits the team's road trip to Northwestern, and touches on Wednesday's (Oct. 10) match vs. Michigan State.

Hello once again to all the fabulous Michigan fans out there! Last weekend, we traveled to Evanston, Ill., to play Northwestern on its beautiful field, which sits on the shore of Lake Michigan. The bus ride there was nothing short of entertaining. To start off, I will admit that I showed up an hour earlier than our departure time wondering where everyone was. After a short conversation with my roommate Haley Kopmeyer, I was informed that we were leaving at 10 a.m., not 9 a.m. as I thought. Once on the bus, we watched The Italian Job. After explaining to Tori McCombs why it was in fact called The Italian Job, we all agreed it was a good movie. When stopping for lunch, I think the city of St. Joseph's was a little surprised to see 22 girls walk into their Panera, and probably more shocked at how much we ordered. Per usual, there was a lot of sleeping, reading and eating on the rest of the bus ride accompanied by the movie Summer Catch.

Once checked into our hotel and a short practice at the field, we found our way to dinner; I use the word 'found' specifically because Chloe Sosenko and her iPhone led us in the opposite direction of the restaurant. Now, one thing you do not want to do is lengthen the wait time between our team and its food. Not a good idea. Upon finally arriving at the Italian restaurant, the bread was gone in about two minutes and every glass of water empty. To fill the time, we innocently asked the waiter for some crayons and played some games of M.A.S.H., while Kayla Mannino drew a pretty pony and Tori attempted to draw what she called a horse.

When Saturday hit, we had a lot of time to spare before game time, so naturally we found our way to the Lululemon and North Face stores. If anyone goes to the Lululemon in Evanston, you will see a Michigan women's soccer goal written up on the wall, while in the North Face store, they may be sold out of a certain fleece seeing as how three girls on our team bought the exact same one! After a lot of relaxing and football watching, it was time for the game. As I am sure you already know, it was a success! What a great feeling it is to sing The Victors on an opposing team's field.

However, we now prepare for Michigan State and that win is long in the past. This rivalry hits close to home for many girls on the team. With nine Michigan natives on our team, we have not only grown up with the rivalry, but know many girls on the opposing team. It will be a battle -- that is a given -- but our team has a fiery drive that is not stopping anytime soon. and I am excited to see that come out on the field. We want to see you at the field tonight wearing MAIZE! Go Blue!

- Clare

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