The Yellow Armband: Two New Games and Two Big Wins

Oct. 20, 2010

Each Wednesday of the 2010 season, one of the Michigan women's soccer captains -- Jackie Carron, Kylie Neschke and Clare Stachel -- will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the U-M program.

The Yellow Armband with Clare Stachel
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20 -- Two New Games and Two Big Wins

Hello again to all the fans out there, sorry for our absence last week. This past weekend we spent on the road, travelling to Indiana where we beat the Hoosiers, 2-1, after beating Purdue by the same score on Thursday. Bus trips always leave our team with a few good stories seeing as how we have to entertain ourselves on the five-hour trip.

We learned/made up two new games on the bus; one of them is called GHOST. The game involves making a circle (as best you can on a bus) and you go around the circle and each person says a letter. The main point of the game is to NOT spell or finish a word. So for example if the three people before me said F then R then O, I cannot say M because then it would spell the word FROM. Another game we played is one that we made up. We will just call it ‘Kylie draws something with her eyes closed and we try and guess what it is.’ We have to learn to be very creative when on bus trips!

The Michigan men’s soccer team happened to be playing Indiana the night before us, so we went to the game and cheered them on. We shouted such cheers as ‘Who’s your (Hoosier) Daddy,’ ‘Someone call the wambulence,’ and of course ‘Lets go Michigan!’ Even though we were clearly the minority in the stands and we were getting booed quite often, we spilt our team in half and stood on opposite sides of the stands and shouted GO and BLUE at each other. Good thing our team does not care much about making fools out of ourselves!

Of course food also plays a large part in our trips. On the bus ride down to Indiana we got Macaroni Grill for dinner, but obviously that was not enough for our team. When we arrived at the hotel we all ordered pizza for a second dinner. It’s not just the players that love their food and beverages either. We stopped to pick up Olive Garden for lunch one day, and we happened to be in walking distance from a Starbucks. We asked Tina, our trainer, if we could get off the bus and go get some Starbucks and she told us, with a smirk on her face, that we had to wait a minute first and then we could go. We were confused at first as to why we had to wait and then we realized it was because our coaches wanted to beat us inside and get their Starbucks first.

Keep tabs on Gametracker as we take on Minnesota and Wisconsin this weekend. Go Blue!

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