The Yellow Armband: Senior Week!
Haley Kopmeyer

Oct. 24, 2012

Periodically throughout the 2012 season, tri-captains Holly Hein, Haley Kopmeyer and Clare Stachel will provide an inside look at the University of Michigan women's soccer team through this blog, The Yellow Armband. In this entry, Kopmeyer talks about how the team stays occupied during long road trips and about Saturday's Senior Day match vs. Illinois.

Hello everyone!

We just returned from a long road trip with games against Ohio State and Penn State. While we didn't get the result we wanted against Ohio State, we rebounded and played very well against an extremely tough Penn State team, the fourth-ranked team in the country. We are showing each week that we can compete with the best and hope to keep this momentum going as we approach our regular season finale and postseason.

Long road trips mean long bus rides and when we go on these; our team tends to get a little stir crazy. There's only so much homework without internet one can do on a moving bus and there's only so many comfortable sitting positions one can employ to see whatever chick flick is playing on the TV screens. About five hours into a bus trip, we usually end up at a point where some people are singing out loud and dancing in the aisles, while others attempt to close their eyes and nap with their legs sprawled out across the aisle. When we finally stop for food breaks, delirium sets in as you can occasionally see tame and well-behaved girls trying to dance for strangers and jumping around making animal noises in public. I personally go internal during long bus trips and think I stay pretty level headed, but again, everyone's delirious at that point.

On another note, Senior Day is this Saturday vs. Illinois. I truly cannot put into words how quickly these five seasons have gone by and I cannot believe our careers at Michigan are almost over.I have known Clare and Emily for such a long time and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to play with them, and all the amazing teammates we've had. We are truly in the midst of the dream senior season and I am so incredibly happy that I made the decision to attend the University of Michigan six years ago. Every weekend, our families, friends, and fans have gotten to watch our team compete at the highest level, represent the greatest university in the nation, and play the sport we've loved our entire lives. It really is hard to imagine life without Michigan soccer, but we all know that day is coming.

I hope you'll join us in what could be the last home game of our collegiate careers this Saturday at 6 p.m. I can't put into words what the support from all the great Michigan fans have meant over the years. I think the best way is just to say thank you and Go Blue!

-- Haley

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