The Yellow Armband: Weekend Rating = 10.5 Biscuits

Oct. 27, 2010

Each Wednesday of the 2010 season, one of the Michigan women's soccer captains -- Jackie Carron, Kylie Neschke and Clare Stachel -- will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the U-M program.

The Yellow Armband with Kyle Neschke
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 -- Weekend Rating = 10.5 Biscuits

Minnesota: We checked into a very nice hotel located in downtown Minneapolis. Not so nice was the fire alarm that went off at 3 a.m. My roommate KG (Kristen Goncalves) and I were the only players on the fourth floor, so we never woke up to it. However, everyone else above us had to exit the building. Jackie (Carron) and Haley (Kopmeyer) had a pretty good idea what type of illegal smoke set of the fire alarm, seeing as they could easily smell it in the hall.

BIG Game vs. Minnesota! In years past, we recalled that Minnesota's locker room is right next to ours which means its chatter and music fill the guest locker room. Greg made an executive decision in order to remedy this situation; he purchased a SWEET speaker system so we could listen to our own music. It just so happens that our music was louder and better than theirs and, obviously, our dance party was way sweeter, too. (ex. song selection: Jock Jams, Bottoms Up, and Backstreet Boys `The Call') Michigan has a history of tying our overtime matches but this was definitely one to remember. With less than 30 seconds left in the second overtime, Nkem (Ezurike) rips a shot into the back of the net! The fastest most of our team ran all game was trying to chase after Nkem halfway around the field to celebrate!!!

Wisconsin: Home of cheese and Deano! Dean Duerst was our special travel guide this trip, taking us all around Madison. He showed us the places where he played soccer as a youth, houses he lived in while coaching, and a team favorite, the pretty restaurant overlooking a lake where he proposed to his wife! He also took us to lunch at this cute deli famous for its carnival atmosphere that the whole team enjoyed.

Game day vs. Wisconsin: While we were able to make a big win against Minnesota, sadly the exciting double overtime game ended in a loss against Wisconsin with less than two minutes to go. The airplane trip home was all DRAMA! We made some friends and a few enemies, but we made it home without any fights breaking out at 30,000 feet. Overall it was a very exciting weekend that was filled with tons of laughter and stories to remember! I can't wait to see all of our fans this weekend as we take on Iowa and Illinois! HAIL!

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