Postgame Quotes: #15 U-M 1, N.C. State 0 (8 innings)

March 16, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On her overall impressions from U-M's 4-1 record at the Judi Garman Classic ... "I really felt what we got better at was persevering and staying even-keeled. We kept grinding it out and going after it, and we didn't let ourselves get in our own way. I thought the biggest game of the weekend was today (against NC State) because we had two big wins yesterday (over Arizona State and Arizona), and you can get emotionally too high, but you've got to come back. Whether you win the games or lose the games, you've got to put them behind you. Today was a tough game, and I was impressed by N.C. State's pitcher. We did a great job of staying in our game and staying in the moment and grinding it out. That's what Division 1 softball is."

On the evolution of the team ... "We're still evolving, and you evolve as a team all the way into the postseason, and then you just try to survive. We're still keeping our one-pitch mentality, and the kids just have to keep getting better at it. They won't be perfect, but our goal is to get better every day."

On some of this weekend's lineup changes ... "You've got to really commend someone like Jaclyn Crummey, who absolutely has persevered through her career, and now she's getting her chance, and she's making good on it. Between her and Sierra Lawrence, they offer us two different approaches to our lineup. And we may be able to match them up depending on the opponent. I really like their approaches, and I love kids that just try to help us win."

On Amy Knapp moving up in the lineup ... "It doesn't matter if you're batting sixth or ninth, just make contact and do your part to get on base. It did work for us this weekend, and having Crummey at the bottom of the lineup worked for us. This group, they have a good team approach to winning, and they buy in to do their part."

On being halfway through the regular season and entering Big Ten play ... "It's a different kind of grind. Big Ten season will be really interesting, it's going to be a lot of fun. The Big Ten is better than it's been in years. Those single-game, three-game series are going to be tough. It will be tough to sweep because teams will be able to make adjustments day to day. I'm looking forward to playing three games in a weekend and not five (like we've had in our weekend tournaments). It's been a difficult scheduled and we've gotten through it marvelously, especially considering how we relied on Sara (Driesenga). Having Haylie back, even with the work she still needs to put in, gives us lots of options."

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