Postgame Quotes: Michigan 7, Penn State 4

March 29, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On having Haylie and Sara there to relieve the starter ... "That shows the importance of having two pitchers. They do a great job of complementing each other and picking each other up. That's the way it is right now, and we're going to have to do whatever it takes to win. I haven't liked our first innings, and I didn't like our seventh inning today. It's about staying in your moment. Hopefully, we can work through that, but we've got each other to get us through that."

On moving Sara Driesenga in the lineup and her home run ... "She is an important bat, and she's been having a little sophomoritis at the plate. We need to get her going. The downside of the move of having her start at pitcher instead of designated player is that she comes out of the lineup if she's not pitching. But I feel confident with the other people in the lineup. Jaclyn (Crummey) had a big RBI today, and Kelsey Susalla is there, and we know Taylor Hasselbach can hit it a long way. Sara had a nice at-bat today, and I didn't like losing her bat when she came out."

On Sierra Lawrence and her development ... "She's like the silent assassin, she waits in the wings. She's the most patient hitter we have. She will tell you when she has two strikes she says she sees the ball better. And she keeps getting better, she's getting better every week."

On compiling 1,300 career wins ... "Obviously, it shows I've been here a long time, and I'm really lucky that way. You don't see many people have that. It means we've had good players and good staff. We've had a lot of good players come through here and certainly my assistants (Bonnie Tholl, Jennifer Brundage and Nikki Nemitz) make all the difference in the world."

U-M Sophomore Pitcher Haylie Wagner
On coming in as a reliever ... "It's the same as starting the game, I just come in thinking that I have to do my part, and that's exactly what I did. Sara (Driesenga) and I relieve each other all the time and when I come in, it's my turn to do my part as a pitcher."

On picking up your teammates in the circle ... "Sara and I complement each other very well, both in how we pitch and how we can come in to help out in relief if she's having a bad game or vice versa. It's something that we know if one of us isn't doing well, it's our job to come in help the other out. We know that we have to do something to help Michigan win."

On facing Penn State's offense twice more on Saturday ... "I know their hitters, and it's all about going after them each time. I'll make a few adjustments and so will Sara to challenge them every single time. They keep getting better but so do we, and we have to go after them."

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