Postgame Quotes: #12 Michigan 5, Ohio State 1

April 5, 2013

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U-M Freshman Shortstop Sierra Romero
On playing at Alumni Field ... "I definitely feel a lot more comfortable, I can definitely say I was nervous at first but I'm easing into it and it's a lot easier now."

On playing Ohio State ... "This was my first time (with a rivalry-type game) and you get that fire in you. It's my first time playing them but I feel like I've played them a million times because it's Ohio State. It is fun and it's fun to have a big crowd show up."

On her first inning home run, batting with first base open ... "The first pitch was a strike so I knew they were going to pitch to me, so I wanted to take advantage of what they gave me. The pitch I hit over was a change up and I saw it real well, so I sat back on it and just went with it."

U-M Sophomore Pitcher Haylie Wagner
On the defense coming up with some nice plays ... "Having the defense behind me playing like that definitely helps. I know they can come up with those great plays even if I am striking a lot of people out. Being able to see that though helps the confidence of the entire team go up."

On the 11-game win streak ... "We're all getting along great and getting into our daily routines really well. We're having fun in the locker room and staying relaxed and loose, then we go out and step on the field and we know it's time to fight and attack and go with our game plan."

On the differences between her freshman and sophomore seasons ... "Having that (attack) mentality. We said it over and over last year and toward the end of the year we started putting it together about that means. This year we know exactly what it is and we know how to go after people."

On having the national champion swim team there ... "It was cool to have them here, and have them out on the field and then see them up in the grandstands supporting us. I think they did an excellent job with their season and congratulations to them. See that trophy (the NCAA Championship trophy) gave me chills, and I know our team wants that and we're fighting for that, working harder every day."

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