Postgame Quotes: #5 Michigan 14, Michigan State 0

April 13, 2014

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U-M Pitcher Megan Betsa
On what she picks up from watching Haylie Wagner and Sara Driesenga face an opponent first ... "I watch everything from the dugout, and I focus on what I can use to get ahead in the count, what hitters struggle with. The three of us are so different, but it does give me an advantage because I get to see what Haylie and Sara do, and what works for them and what doesn't work for them, and take it into game three."

On how the pitchers have been throwing during this winning streak ... "I think we're feeding off of each other. Haylie does well, Sara does well -- my mentality is that I want to just as good as they do. If one of us isn't at our best, it's our job to pick them up. That's what Haylie did today (closing out the game). I gave the best of what I had today, and Haylie finished it."

On pitching in a close game through the first six innings ... "All six innings that I pitched, I felt like it was a close game. Even though it was 4-0 -- which is good run support -- it felt like a close game, and that's the mentality I pitch with."

On what Hutch talked to her about in an early-inning mound conference ... "She told me to go and attack the hitters, I was throwing more balls than anybody would have liked to see -- I wasn't getting ahead in the count. She told me to attack the fighters and don't pitch afraid."

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