Postgame Quotes: U-M 8, Iowa 6; U-M 8, Iowa 0

April 21, 2013

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U-M Sophomore Pitcher Sara Driesenga
On coming back in game three with a strong performance ... "I came back trusting my stuff and knew it would move when I needed to when I whipped it. It's what we always talk about, and I got back to my process. I went right at them and didn't try to pitch around anybody. If they hit it, they hit it, but we're working hard to do our best."

On completing the sweep over Iowa ... "It's tough to win three games (against Big Ten teams). We have Haylie and I, and we complement each other well. When we face a team three times, they obviously see us more as the games progress. That's 10-15 at-bats in a weekend, and they might get familiar with us, so we need to mix it up and work in and out and up and down."

On the advantages you have from facing a batter so many times ... "With both Haylie and I, if something works for either one of us we may use it. We do some things differently, so we can start to use that to our advantage."

Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On battling a tough Iowa team and finding ways to win ... "The most important quality is that they are confident. When you have confidence in each other, it's easier to have confidence in yourself because you don't feel the pressure of having to carry the team. I think that is their greatest quality: they know they can get it going. Confidence is a huge plus."

On Sara Driesenga's performance to cap the weekend ... "I think maybe both her and Haylie try to hard to get strikeouts. Make them hit the ball and trust the defense to play. I thought she did a better job of that in the third game."

On the series sweep ... "The kids work really hard and are just trying to do their part. Sara (Driesenga) in game three just did her part, she didn't try to do too much. The pitchers just need to do their part. We have that offense, so the pitchers should go in there with confidence that we can score some runs. I thought if anything, we settled in and attacked, then Sara did her part."

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