Postgame Quotes: Michigan 11, Central Michigan 0

April 23, 2013

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U-M Freshman Shortstop Sierra Romero
On the game ... "The environment is great and I think that's what makes it so much sweeter. And playing with the rest of the team here at Alumni Field is just a great feeling."

On the power surge the lineup is going through ... "I'm seeing the pitches I want to see and playing one-pitch softball, because like Hutch has told me, I'm not going to see a lot of pitches. I can't be picky and have to take advantage of what I get."

On the consistency of the power ... "It's great how we've kept it going one after another. We're very contagious - it can be good and it can't be bad - but lately it's been working for us and we're rolling with it. It's been fun."

On the fun she is having on this team ... "It's a lot of fun, you can definitely tell in our dugout when we're dancing around and having fun on the field. You can tell we're enjoying this."

U-M Sophomore Pitcher Haylie Wagner
On her efficiency tonight versus CMU ... "I just went into the game knowing that I have to do one-pitch focus and that it takes one pitch at a time. I knew that I had to step up my game since we're getting later into the season. Each time you throw a strike it gets better and better and builds my confidence. It keeps me going and I get into a rhythm."

On the attack mentality in the season ... "Each pitch you have to be in attack mode (at this point in the season). Hutch and I talked about approaching each pitch like it was the last of the season and I need to attack each batter and keep my focus."

On going on the road to face Nebraska ... "I'm feeling great, I think we're doing really well offensively and defensively and we keep getting better each and every day. We're going to keep going out there and playing Michigan softball and doing what we know how to do."

On if the rain delay affected her at all ... "I just got back to focusing, went back to warm up. Rain delays can be fun, but then I get back to where I left off and get my focus back."

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