Postgame Quotes: #10 Michigan 2, Northwestern 1

May 3, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On the team's Big Ten championship... "I'm really excited for our seniors. They have really been a class with no expectations and I've been pleased with them all year, they've been one pitch at a time, rolling with the punches and I just think they've been a great class. They've allowed the underclassmen to play and they haven't been an entitled group. They've been servant leaders and they just work hard, and I like them."

On winning the conference during the Pink Game the day after the Softball Academy ... "It is a great accomplishment for our kids and for our program. (The academy) has taken a few years to get to the level we want it to, raising $78,000 in one evening for a college softball program is pretty good. This is just by coincidence that we hold (the academy and Pink Game) so late because we have to hope for sun and good weather. We learn that it's a time to give, we get out of our myopic world and we focus on giving to the community. It's good for everybody, it's good for me and for the kids."

On Sara Driesenga's performance ... "She had that gear we are looking for. If Sara could pitch like that consistently, it would take her to the next level. That's the level she needs to throw at each game, and she's clearly capable of it because we just saw it."

On the pitching and defense carrying the night ... "We won with pitching and defense and that has not been our game so to speak. It needs to be our game at this time of year, and I don't mind that at all. You need pitching and defense at this time of year."

U-M Sophomore Sara Driesenga
On her pitching performance ... "I definitely just went out there with that focus that we would get it done, and I focused on that one pitch at a time."

On how she managed the strike zone ... "It helps me to hit my spots and trust the defense. It lets them make the plays and keeps them in the game -- and it shows we can depend on each other."

On the lift provided by the sixth inning double play ... "It definitely switched the momentum in our favor and we kept it going, we tried to build on it as much as we could."

On the feeling of winning the Big Ten title ... "We're having a lot of fun. We've had to stay together and play together, we're taking it one game at a time and focusing on the process and not worrying about the outcome."

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