Postgame Quotes: #7 Michigan 5, #18 California 0

May 18, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On the win over Cal ... "That's a great win against a great team. I have a lot of respect for Cal, we know how good they are and, as I said on ESPN, the way to beat a good pitcher is to have a good pitcher and I thought our effort on the mound was fantastic. It was the key to our win, really, the key to our team. It gives us confidence when the pitcher is on her game and containing the offense it gives our team confidence and confidence is the most important thing we have in the postseason, or really ever. It was a great effort from Sarah, obviously she got some great support from Sweet. I thought as the game went on we lost a little intensity at the plate and I think we can swing better than we did and we're going to need to. I told them, we haven't won anything yet. We need to come to play tomorrow and we need to be warriors."

On how the lineup approached Jolene Henderson ... "We want them to be aggressive when it's there. If it's the first pitch, get after it. We know Jolene (Henderson) goes right after people, she goes right at them. With that said, I thought we did a really nice job of not swinging early in the game when they were calling them balls. I thought we did a pretty good job early in the game and later in the game when they changed pitchers, clearly we lost a little bit of focus."

On whether or not she was surprised with Cal's defensive struggles ... "No, I don't focus on the other team. Nothing surprises me in this game. I've coached in a lot of games, anything can happen. You put the ball in play and that's your best bet to have something happen."

On whether she felt the team needed to manufacture runs in this game ... "We were just going to get after it. We have a good offense and I have confidence in our offense and sometimes it may take a little while against a good pitcher but I thought we could score some runs and we're certainly ready to manufacture them if we need to."

U-M Sophomore Catcher Lauren Sweet
On her two home runs ... "I was seeing the ball really well, I was confident and I knew that I could do it. Going after it early in the count helped me instead of (being) down."

Sweet on her early bunt and its impact, offensive approaches ... "Hutch always tells us getting our bunts down is the most important thing and we really worked on that a lot this week, focusing on getting (them) down. I think my mentality going up there, knowing I can get it done and really focusing on getting it down helped us down. Bunts are huge in a game. You don't realize it until the run scores, so it really ended up helping in the end."

U-M Sophomore Pitcher Sara Driesenga
On how she attacked the Cal order ... "I just went right at them. You know, trusting my teammates behind me on defense. It doesn't matter who we're playing, we just try and go right at them."

On her two complete game shutouts in two starts in the tournament ... "It's just that time, it's time to buckle down and get it done. That's what the team needs, and that's what I'm out there to do, so I'm going to get it done."

On her approach with runners on ... "Really I just kept attacking. Every pitch, stayed in my process and even if they did get on I didn't let it bother me. I just focused on the batter and let the defense do their work."

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