Postgame Quotes: #7 Michigan 3, #18 California 1

May 19, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins
On the regional title ... "First of all I think you really have to tip your hat to Cal and to Jolene Henderson, who's pitching on a very bad leg. I was so impressed with her the whole weekend and her style and her moxie. She played to win, every pitch of the game. I give them a lot of credit; it was a great effort. Our team really had to battle through today and it got tough for us. Jolene was having a great game. I thought she got in our heads a little bit, which was definitely not part of the game plan, to let anything get in our way, but we battled through it and again behind the effort of Sara (Driesenga) in particular on the mound -- and I didn't think she had her best stuff -- but she had her heart and that was the most important thing we needed today. She was determined to get it done, and I thought it was a great team effort for us. We could not be more excited to practice Tuesday."

On the early play at third when Danielle Henderson was thrown out ... "I thought it was a big play; I think her coach was holding her up, but you know....these kids are playing hard to win and she was playing hard to win. You have to make those plays and we made it."

On whether or not it was a momentum shift ... "Clearly, making an out at third base is something the coach never wants to see, so it swung the momentum our way in that way. But it's a long game, 21 outs. There's a lot of game to be played and whether the momentum swung our way or not, I thought the momentum swang the entire game, back and forth and back and forth."

On strong performances from her young players ... "I've told them all along, the game doesn't know if you're a freshman. The game doesn't know if you're a sophomore. The game just knows the game and they (Romero, Driesenga) just play the game. It's worked out for us all year and I expect no less."

On the seventh-inning collision between Britt Vonk and Ashley Lane ... "The rule is that if the ball is by -- not if it appears to be playable -- if it's already gone by the fielder, we're not allowed to obstruct and they called obstruction, so I was trying to convince them that she was in the middle of her dive when the ball started getting through and I didn't win that fight, I don't know if you noticed. It turned the lineup over for them, it was huge."

On how proud she is of this group ... "I talk about it a lot, and sometimes they have to experience it, but it is really hard to get to the World Series and this is a difficult step. It's one step and it's a very difficult weekend. Playing Cal was a fantastic opponent for us to have to battle through because that's the kind of opponent we're going to see from here on out. It is difficult but those that work through it can be champions."

On whether this game was closer than the rest of the weekend's games ... "Yeah, I think when everybody's seeing all the pitching again and they've had the chance to really look at it, you expect tight games."

U-M Junior Lyndsay Doyle
On her approach at the plate ... "Being aggressive up there and not letting her get ahead of me. She's a great pitcher and I just felt like being aggressive was the key to my success."

On her big day at the plate ... "I just tried to forget what happened yesterday and the first at-bat. I was just focusing on one-pitch softball; she gave me a pitch I could handle and I did something with it."

On the regional title ... "It's awesome to see us succeed because, we're in this building or on the field every single day working hard and it's awesome to see us come together and succeed and earn where we want to go, which is OKC. It's nice to be one step closer."

U-M Freshman Sierra Romero
On winning a regional title at home ... "It's a great experience. It's crazy that last year I was watching this on TV, and now I'm here, so it's an amazing opportunity."

U-M Sophomore Sara Driesenga
On facing Cheyenne Cordes, who hit a home run off her ... "I just shut that out, especially because we had a 3-1 lead. I went right at her. It doesn't matter what she did before, I just focused on that one at-bat and each pitch at a time."

On whether her approach changes after facing the lineup once through ... "Same approach. I definitely had to depend on the defense a little bit more today. They did great, they did exactly what they were supposed to do and to trust them is huge."

On whether she owes Amy Knapp after her defensive performance today ... "I definitely owe her. I owe all my teammates for staying behind me."

On whether the crowd's energy helped her performance ... "Yeah, obviously being here at home we have a lot of fans and they're great. It makes the atmosphere incredible, and it was so loud, really I just try and take it in and then kind of shut it out, too. I just try to focus on that next pitch and not let it get to me, not too excited; I'm just focused on that one pitch so I can take it one at a time."

On the emotions behind a regional win ... "It takes a lot of hard work and it's just so much fun being out there with our teammates and doing it all together. It takes each and every one of us."

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