Question of the Week: Why do you wear your current number?

Feb. 13, 2012

Each week during the 2012 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan softball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 2: Why do you wear your current number?

Caitlin Blanchard (No. 44) -- Hank I even need to say more?

Lauren Sweet (No. 25) -- I wear No. 25 because it was my dad's number in football and has been his favorite number all his life. Also, his whole side of the family who played sports wore 25, so I wanted to keep the tradition going!

Brandi Virgil (No. 2) -- My brother always wore No. 8, symbolic of his birthday (8/8/88). Of course I wanted to be just like him, so I always wore No. 28 after my birthday (2/8). In high school, since No. 28 was not available, I wore No. 8. In college, since No. 8 was not available, I chose to wear the other half of the number I always wore. And that is why I am now No. 2!

Taylor Hasselbach (No. 4) -- There is no special reason why I chose No. 4, just a number that I liked and now love!

Nicole Sappingfield (No. 15) -- I wear the No. 15 because I love representing all those who wore the number before me (i.e. Jennie Ritter, Maggie Viefhaus, etc.). It reminds me that I have big shoes to fill and that I should never settle because I can always be better than I am now.

Bree Evans (No. 5) -- I wear my number because it is the number I have been since I was four or five years old. For most of my softball life I have been No. 5, and I was excited when I was able to be it for Michigan too.

Amanda Chidester (No. 3) -- Before I became No. 3, I was always No. 2. I loved wearing No. 2 growing up because I had the biggest crush on one of the guys on the high school baseball team and he was No. 2. If Katie Osburn (she plays for Miami of Ohio softball) did not already have No. 2 on our travel team, I would still be that number. I then chose No. 3 because my older brother was the same number. And it is pretty much the best number ever!

Katie Luetkens (No. 16) -- The reason that I wear No. 16 is because when I was younger, I always wanted to be 16 years old because it seemed like the cool age since you could drive. I ended up wearing the number when I was younger and all through high school, and I am now too attached to change it! It was really exciting when I could continue wearing the number in college, and I wouldn't want it to be any different.

Becca Garfinkel (No. 19) -- I wear 19 because when I walked into the locker room on my first day, (equipment manager) Rick (Brandt) tossed me a jersey to try on. It was No. 19 and it fit, so he said that would be my number. I also hear a lot that I look and act like Gus (Nicole Guska), a previous member of the team who was also 19, so it seems like a pretty great number to wear.

Stephanie Kirkpatrick (No. 12) -- I wear No. 12 because my older sister, Shannon, wore the number and also played shortstop. We are 10 years apart and I grew up idolizing her, which gave me my start in the sport. It just so happened that I became good at it! Now I have taken over the number for the family, but I always remember why I chose it and why I became a be more like her!

Stephanie Speierman (No. 21) -- When I was little, I was a huge Chicago Cubs fan. I would rush home after school to watch their afternoon games on TV, and Sammy Sosa was my favorite baseball player. When I had to choose a number to wear, I knew I wanted to wear my favorite player's number. Eight years later, I arrived at Michigan and the number was no longer the number of my favorite baseball player, but my number, so I continued to wear it.

Hilary Payne (No. 14) -- I have worn many different numbers through the years, and to me, it's not the number that makes the player, but the player makes the number. Here at Michigan, Hutch wants each player to know the history of our number and of those who came before us that made the number great. I was given No. 14, and it is my goal to uphold the tradition of excellence and success passed down from past players who wore it.

Haylie Wagner (No. 17) -- I had many options of numbers to choose from. I went through each number and thought about who had it and what it would mean to me. I have always been No. 30, in high school and travel ball growing up, but here at Michigan that number is not available. I decided to go with No. 17 because it was closest to 15, half of 30. There is not a real reason on why I chose No. 17, but I am happy with my choice and am proud to wear the No. 17 for University of Michigan.

Sara Driesenga (No. 10) -- I wear my number because I wanted to try something new. I did not want to have the same number as I did in high school or travel ball because I wanted college to be something different. I figured the number does not define the player!

Amy Knapp (No. 1) -- I wear the number one simply because it is the best number there is. It is No. 1...only the cool people wear it!

Lyndsay Doyle (No. 11) -- The reason why I wear No. 11 is because it is the "Doyle" number. Several family members have worn the number throughout their career. My sister wore it all through high school and college for basketball. My brother wore it for soccer and volleyball. Also, my cousin Carrie and Allison wore it in their collegiate career. So I am continuing the family tradition by wearing it, but I also love the number myself!

Ashley Lane (No. 8) -- I wear No. 8 because I wore it through my high school career. It was not my favorite number, but it grew on me and I decided to stick with it!

Mandy Gardner (No. 20) -- I wear No. 20 because it was my dad's number back when he played basketball. It is a good number in my eyes, and it fits me!

Jaclyn Crummey (No. 18) -- This is actually the first time I had this number. I think I liked the idea of getting to college and starting fresh, and 18 just happened to be the winner.

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