Week 3: What has been your favorite or most memorable trip?

Feb. 20, 2012

Each week during the 2012 season, MGoBlue.com will ask each member of the University of Michigan softball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 3: What has been your favorite or most memorable trip?

Sara Driesenga -- My favorite trip was this past weekend in Florida. The weather was finally nice, and we had a lot of fun singing and dancing on the bus while waiting to play (Editor's Note: These girls can dance and sing with the best of them!). Playing animal games in the pool was hilarious, along with introducing the vegetable game song.

Brandi Virgil -- My favorite trip was our season opener in Houston last year. I felt so fortunate to play my first game of the season in the city I was born and raised in, in front of my family and friends! I would have to say my absolute favorite part of the trip was when the team went to my parent's business, a place I spent so much of my time growing up. Seeing northerners attempt to line dance was hysterical and made the trip one I will never forget!

Hilary Payne -- We have had so many fun trips like Florida and California, but the one that was the most exciting was our trip to Penn State last season. Our team was lucky enough to take a charter flight, which meant we didn't have to make the long bus trip. I felt like a celebrity when after the games we walked right onto the plane and were home within a couple hours.

Haylie Wagner -- My favorite trip so far as a freshman has been to Traverse City. I really liked the "Ice Breaker" game where we each had a specific name of a celebrity or well-known person on a post-it on our back. We had to ask yes or no questions until we got the person; I was Bon Qui Qui! I really enjoyed this trip because it was the first trip out with the team, and it was a fun bonding experience.

Bree Evans -- My favorite trip was our World Series trip my freshman year! I loved when we did the video shoot for the lineups because that is something I have seen since I was a little kid and it was a crazy feeling to be doing it myself!

Nicole Sappingfield -- My favorite trip so far was definitely Houston last year. Everything was so new and at that point, we hadn't had the opportunity to play outside. That just increased the level of excitement to get on the field.

Caitlin Blanchard -- My favorite trip was Northwestern last year because it was about 17 degrees outside and completely miserable. We played anyway, wearing our parkas, hats and gloves between innings. We would all huddle around the heater in the dugout and use hand warmers. It may sound pretty awful, but it was memorable and it actually helped in setting a new temperature minimum for Big Ten play. Now whenever we play in the cold weather we all say, "Yeah this is cold, but do you remember Northwestern?"

Jaclyn Crummey -- I've really enjoyed every trip because something new happens week-to-week, but I would have to say the most memorable would be last year coming back from Florida. Our traveling schedule got messed up due to weather, and we had to come back in two separate groups. Luckily, I was in group two that took the later flight home, which included a flight delay, a missing bus to pick us up and snowed-in vehicles. Hutch was the happiest I've ever seen her. Besides the unfortunate events, there were a lot of laughs, and we can forever use it whenever a member of Group One complains. Group Two for life!

Mandy Gardner -- I feel like every trip we go on, there are always great moments that I will remember for the rest of my life. If I absolutely had to pick a trip that would be called my favorite, it would be the California trip last year. Being back in California, even though it wasn't necessarily "home", was awesome. I saw so many of my friends and family members that hadn't seen me play in a Michigan uniform yet, and it was a neat experience. Moreover, before the team took the red eye back home, we went to my family friend's house for a few hours. Hutch and some of the girls played some friendly games of basketball, while others watched television and movies. That trip was an absolute blast, and I can't wait to go back there this year!

Becca Garfinkel -- My favorite trip memory was singing and dancing to Whitney Houston on the bus this past weekend in Florida. Caitlin (Blanchard) and I also had fun people watching at the airport!

Amy Knapp -- My favorite trip so far has been the one in Orlando last year. I had a blast at Disney and in the same trip, Winston (the bus driver) and I played a prank on Jordan Taylor by putting a dead fish on her bus seat. (It was payback; I'm really not that mean).

Katie Luetkens --My favorite trip as a Wolverine was our trip to Penn State last year. We took a charter plane, which was really great because we didn't have to waste as much time at the airport, and we could get home faster. We got on a blue bus that took us right to the runway and onto the plane, making us all feel like celebrities! While we were flying, the weather was really bad and we tried landing multiple times, almost landing in the trees on one attempt, but we had a great pilot to take care of us! Along with the great pilot were great flight attendants, who wore Michigan gear, had all the greatest snacks at our disposal and even came to our games! We got to be one the first teams to play at Penn State's new field, we won and when we were done, we were taken straight to the airport to fly home! It was such an amazing experience and really reminded me how blessed I am to be part of something truly made of the leaders and best!

Lauren Sweet -- My favorite trip so far has been this last trip to Florida. I loved all the meals together, dancing on the bus, having an awesome roommate and just playing softball in the warm weather!

Lyndsay Doyle -- My favorite trip was California last year. I think that trip is the most fun because instead of getting a big bus to travel in, we get vans that the coaches drive. We encounter several fun (but sometimes scary) situations while driving in California. I was chosen to be in Hutch's van (which is the best van), along with Dorian Shaw, who was an awesome DJ, Bree (Evans) and Chiddy (Amanda Chidester). It was a blast! Another great part about the California trip is that we eat at In-N-Out Burger as soon as we leave the airport. The California trip is filled with fun adventures, and I am really looking forward to it this year!

Amanda Chidester -- I have so many great memories, but I have to say the one I will never forgot is when our flight was canceled and only half of the team could leave! I was in the group with Hutch, and we were the last group to leave! We got back at 2 a.m. and our cars were snowed in. The best part was some of us girls were in the car and Hutch was outside in the freezing cold cleaning off our windshield! Not sure how that happened, but we didn't mind!

Stephanie Speierman -- My favorite trip was our trip to Houston last year. It was our first trip of the year, which is always a lot of fun - everyone is so excited to get out on the field (and go somewhere warm!) and the energy is awesome. On this particular trip, we also got to spend an evening at Brandi Virgil's parents' restaurant. They had the whole team, staff and families over and it was a great atmosphere with all the families together having dinner and hanging out. The Virgil family also taught the team some line dances (up on stage), which provided everyone with a lot of laughs.

Ashley Lane -- My favorite trip was when we went to California last year and got to go to Mandy's (Gardner) house for the afternoon/night. It was a great time with the team and family!

Taylor Hasselbach -- All of our trips always have great moments, but the most memorable for me was hitting my first collegiate home run last weekend at LSU.

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