Week 7: What is your pregame ritual or superstition?

March 19, 2012

Each week during the 2012 season, MGoBlue.com will ask each member of the University of Michigan softball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 7: What is your pregame ritual or superstition?

Nicole Sappingfield -- My pregame superstitions range anywhere from wearing the same color nail polish to the same hairstyle or jewelry. My main superstitions, though, are during the game. For example, I do the same routine in the on-deck circle and draw the same thing in the dirt before my at-bats.

Haylie Wagner -- I am actually a very superstitious person, but this year I have turned it down a notch. There is one superstition/routine that I have been doing since my freshman year in high school. I put tape on my right wrist and someone on my team, this year it is KP (Stephanie Kirkpatrick), writes "DW." DW stands for David Wagner, who was my favorite cousin and really meant a lot to me. Unfortunatel,y my family lost him to suicide in 2004. To this day, I have never missed a game without the tape on my wrist, and when I have it there, I know that he is there with me helping me every step of the way!

Becca Garfinkel -- During the game, I always draw a block 'M' in the dirt in foul territory back by the fence. It has to be perfectly proportional and neat!

Mandy Gardner -- Before a game, I have to make sure my hair is absolutely perfect, and I have to have a bow in. Also, I have to have a pair of earrings in. I do not know why, but if I don't have a bow and earrings I feel naked! Moreover, I have to be wearing my bracelet that has my favorite Bible verse on it: Deuteronomy 31:6. As for music, it is totally nerdy, but I have to listen to Defying Gravity from the play 'Wicked.' It pumps me up for some weird reason.

Amanda Chidester -- Before a game, most of the things I have to do are with the team. I do not have too many superstitions of my own before the game, but I do have a couple. I always have to put my left shoe on before my right! I always warm up throwing with Colie (Nicole Sappingfield). After we throw, we have an awesome routine handshake.

Caitlin Blanchard -- I don't really have any pregame superstitions, but my pregame routine generally does involve ridiculous dancing at some point. Normally, we play music in the locker room or on the bus before games because it helps us to loosen up and get pumped up.

Katie Luetkens -- Well I have never been much of a superstitious kind of girl, but I guess that's where my superstition comes in. I don't have any pregame rituals because the fear of forgetting to do them or something bad occurring from them has always made me superstitious to not do them!

Lauren Sweet -- The only thing that I really do before every game is put on my number 25 necklace that the seniors gave me for Christmas. I never really forget to wear it, but if I do forget, it just feels weird. Other than that, I don't really have any superstitions or pregame rituals.

Lyndsay Doyle -- The only thing that I always do before a game is have Katie Luetkens tie my bow (in my hair).

Hilary Payne -- I do not have any superstitions or anything that I have to do before a game. If something is working for me I will stick with it, but as far as superstitions go, I don't have any.

Amy Knapp -- I HAVE to listen to my awesome pregame playlist I made before games that has some totally rad songs on it. I have to listen to all my favorite artists before games: Paramore, Mayday Parade, Kings of Leon, John Mayer, The Beatles, Adele, Relient K, Boyce Avenue and The Script. And NOW I have have have to listen to the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. That's all awesomeness right there!

Brandi Virgil -- I would say probably say my one and only ritual is praying before every game. Glory to Him, win or lose.

Sara Driesenga -- I just wear the same ribbon for every game and I wear my hair the same way.

Jaclyn Crummey -- I actually don't have any pregame rituals. I've never really been superstitious.

Bree Evans -- I don't have a prior to game, but before every at-bat I have stretch both legs, write in dirt, and touch both of the tongues of my shoes.

Ashley Lane -- I don't have any program rituals, but I do have superstitions as far as what I wear and the order in which I do things before a game.

Taylor Hasselbach -- I wouldn't call myself a superstitious person, but I have noticed little things that I have done before every game. Like putting on my cleats, left foot first, and then tie them. Also, I do like to listen to Carrie Underwood if I get a chance before games.

Stephanie Speierman -- I don't really have a pregame superstition, but I always have to listen to music to get ready. The songs vary, but it is always a mix of things that will relax me while also pumping me up. 

Stephanie Kirkpatrick -- Honestly, I don't have any serious superstitions or pregame rituals. Before every home game, I usually have an enormous breakfast or meal, depending on the game time, followed by team dancing in the locker room for at least 30 minutes of prep. Look good, play good!

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