The Team Behind the Team: Student Manager Jarret DeHetre
Jarret DeHetre

April 28, 2014

Compiled by Chris Graham,

The University of Michigan softball team is supported by a terrific team behind the scenes. Over a three-week stretch, will highlight softball's trio of student-managers who are part of the lifeblood of the program.

Year: Sophomore
Experience: First Season
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Garden City, Mich.
High School: Garden City

How did you become a student manager? ... "I found the position on the Michigan Softball Facebook page. They said they needed student managers and I needed a job here so I thought this job would beat working in the dining hall. I applied and they said that my schedule fits, so they invited me in for an interview. It was my first job interview ever in front of Hutch (Carol Hutchins). They called me back and said I got the job."

What's the best thing about being a student manager? ... "If I had to pick one thing it would be just being with the team. We're not the ones out there doing everything, but it's cool being around everybody and being accepted. Being counted on and having a responsibility with the team to make the team go. I played high school football so it's nice to be back in a team atmosphere."

What got you interested in softball? ... "I never played baseball as a kid. I umpired baseball last summer. I always watched baseball growing up so I thought it would be good to participate. I know Kelsey Susalla on the team and went to a few games. When this came about I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch the games from the dugout and help the team out."

What is the most surprising thing about the job? ... "The amount of work that goes into it. When I went to the games I didn't realize all they do at practice and all the media involved with the team. Seeing a whole different side of it is really cool."

What are your daily duties? ... "We get a practice sheet so we can set up practice. If Hutch says jump, you say, 'How high?' We always try to stay a step ahead of everything so that if they need something then you have time to do other things they may ask. We make sure everything is on point."

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