Getting to Know Team 37's Freshmen: Megan Betsa
Megan Betsa

Nov. 6, 2013

The Michigan softball season is just a few months away -- the first game is Saturday, Feb. 8. will be introducing one of the team's four freshmen each week during the month of November. First up is Megan Betsa, a righthanded pitcher from McDonough, Ga.

What pregame music do you listen to and why?
I like to listen to anything that keeps me calm. I found I play better that way rather than listening to music that gets me too pumped up. Boyce Avenue, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato are usually my go-tos.

Who is your role model?
My role models would definitely have to be both of my parents. They are such amazing people and they have always inspired me to go the extra mile to accomplish what I want.

What is your favorite softball memory?
Well, I actually have two. My senior year in high school my high school team had the honor of winning a state championship. Those girls became my family, and that year is something I will never forget. Also, during the same year my travel team (Atlanta Vipers) won gold nationals in Florida. They also became family to me, and I can never thank them enough for giving me some of the best memories of my travel softball career.

When did you know Michigan was the right school for you?
I knew Michigan was the right school for me as soon as I left after my first visit because I wanted to go back right away. Everything on campus took my breath away, and I knew as soon as I hung out with the team for the first time that this was where I belonged by the way they meshed and had fun. I also was looking for a home away from home and Michigan was everything and more than I ever dreamed of.

What country would you most like to vacation in?
It would be amazing to visit Aruba. The beaches are beautiful!!

What sport would you be playing if you weren't playing softball and why?
I would be a swimmer because I swam when I was little and I absolutely loved it!

What career would you like to have post-softball?
I plan on eventually becoming a psychiatrist once I can finish all of the school that is required.

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to be a children's psychiatrist because I love kids.

What has been your favorite Michigan memory so far?
My favorite Michigan memory was the Notre Dame football game. It was amazing to be a part of a record-breaking crowd, and who doesn't like beating Notre Dame?!

What is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book is anything written by Nicholas Sparks, but if I had to pick one it would be ""A Walk to Remember."

What was it like to put on a Michigan uniform for the first time?
It was breathtaking. I remember being in the cabin (at the Traverse City tournament) with some of the girls on the team and having the biggest smile on my face as I buttoned up the buttons and tucked it in. I had never been so happy to put on a softball uniform in my life.

What is your ringtone and why?
I didn't know what my ringtone was until now and it's just the default ringtone.

Who is in your Twitter avatar with you and why?
My twin and teammate Kelly Christner is in my picture because we both liked that picture so I made it my twitter picture.

What celebrity or public figure would you like to be Facebook friends with?
Carrie Underwood

Which celebrity or public figure would you like to be retweeted by?
Demi Lovato

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