Postmeet Quotes: Michigan 185, Iowa 111

Sept. 27, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On the women's performance ... "The nice thing about the women, you're starting to see a team that looks 'Michigany,' they're starting to feel like this is our place, and we're going to be on top."

On big wins for the seniors, including Courtney Beidler and Angela Chokran ... "We had Courtney and Angie stepping up and doing a great job; that's important. They are our leaders, and they're swimming fast -- which is always a nice thing. You see the freshmen stepping up; we had some of them swimming close to best times, which is exciting because we've only been together for four weeks."

On what can be taken away from the season opener ... "Seeing them race, seeing them get their hands on the wall; we saw Ali (DeLoof) out-touch on the 100-backstroke and leading off in the relays and getting her hand on the wall first. It's a confidence builder to beat a Big Ten team like Iowa and win your first time out like our team did; they have to feel pretty good about it."

U-M Senior Courtney Beidler
On winning the season-opening meet ... "It was really exciting, we've been dying to get out and race. We have a really big freshman class, and it was exciting to see what they could do. In that first relay (the 200-yard medley), we went 1-2, and that was awesome. That got the ball rolling for the rest of the meet. We swam well, and we supported each other, smiles and hugs and high fives."

On integrating the large freshman class into the Michigan way ... "We were teaching them our cheers, and that's always fun. You really feel the difference when you're behind the blocks, and you hear your team cheering for you; it's always awesome when the teams are combined because we're a small army, we can get so loud. It's important with such a huge freshman class that we're reaching out and make sure that they're adapting well, and they did which is awesome."

On her performance tonight, including two individual wins ... "As a senior, in my last first dual meet -- it was great. I was thrilled that I was able to help the team. Couldn't have asked for a better night, winning as a team -- both the men and women -- it was just awesome."