Postmeet Quotes: #17 Michigan 221, Toledo 79

Nov. 1, 2013

Recap |  Notes

Michigan Head Coach Mike Bottom
On setting four pool records at UT ... "The relays are the most exciting because in the last relay, we broke (the record) by .02, and it had been Ohio State on the board, so that's fun to do. We knew that we were tired; we worked really, really hard this week, so the idea was to work on the details, and if we can break some records then that's what we're going to do. We missed a couple, but we got four, and it was a lot of fun."

On the contributions from younger swimmers like Julia Fiks Salem, Briana Jurries and Zoe Mattingly ... "(They continue to contribute), and Zoe won her first 100-yard butterfly in competition; the first time she's won an individual race, which is pretty exciting."

On working toward the Michigan Open in a few weeks ... "The Michigan Open is going to be a big meet for a few of our ladies, but for most of the ladies we're going to swim in off events; they're going to swim in events that they don't swim all year because we've been in such competition mode. We'll have some fun, they'll continue to go to school and not miss any school because we'll be home (for the next few weeks)."

U-M Sophomore Ali DeLoof
On competing in back-to-back weekends ... "We're training really hard, and we just have to stay positive. We came here to break pool records and swim fast even though we're in some pain."

On the fun of setting records in a visiting pool ... "It is so exciting. I love coming to race, and I love breaking records -- it is just awesome."

On setting relay records with her teammates ... "Being part of the relays and watching all of the other girls do their best is just awesome to be a part of. The whole team aspect -- cheering everyone else on -- is really fun."

On getting a few weeks off from competition ... "We'll get back in the pool and continue to work hard in practice, we'll work on the details and focus on getting better; we know the work is going to pay off."