The Boiling Point: A Diving Perspective
Marina Nazario

March 13, 2012

This is the Boiling Point, the official blog of the University of Michigan women's swimming and diving team. Freshman diver Marina Nazario stepped in to write this week's entry, which details the team's performance at the NCAA Zone C Diving Regional meet last weekend (Thu-Sat., March 8-10).

We arrived at Indiana on Tuesday, March 6, and didn't waste any time getting the pool, as we had a practice right away. We got the feel of the boards and the facility before the competition actually began, which was a plus for us. On Wednesday, we practiced twice and had lunch with a few Indiana divers at a little deli on campus. The great thing about diving is that we make a lot of friends from other teams. Since diving is more of an individual sport, we are able to become friends with people from other teams. It's not like other sports where it is a constant rivalry. That night, we had a team dinner at Runcible Spoon, one of the team's favorite spots whenever we're in Bloomington.

On Thursday, we got to the pool for a late practice before the competition, which started at 1 p.m. The men competed three-meter, while the women were on one-meter. Overall, as a team, we dove pretty well. Amanda Lohman was the only one to qualify for finals on that day and ended with a fifth-place finish. I think that on the first day we were all trying to get used to the length of time that the competition took. There were 63 girls on one-meter and 49 boys on three-meter. All-in-all, the competition itself lasted about five-and-a-half hours. That's a lot of sitting around between dives, which is different than a dual meet, which take five minutes between dives.

We flip-flopped on the boards on Friday, as the women were on three-meter, and the men were on one-meter. This time, we knew what to expect with the competition length. Jack Lee finaled on one-meter and Amanda finaled on three-meter with a third-place finish, which was enough to qualify her for NCAAs!!! It was a great day and we were all so happy for Amanda! Our energy was great. We went out to dinner as a team to celebrate and went for frozen yogurt afterwards.

Saturday was the last day, and that meant platform day, a crowd favorite, but not necessarily ours. The men competed first with a solid performance by Jack, who placed seventh. We competed after the men, with Carey Chen leading the women with a sixth-place finish. Overall we had a great experience at Zones. We can only learn from our experiences in order to set new goals and train harder for next season.


-- Marina