Deck Pass Blog: Week 1
Samantha Pearson

Sept. 27, 2012

New to this year is the Deck Pass, your behind-the-scenes look at the University of Michigan men's and women's swimming and diving programs. The Deck Pass consists of two components -- a blog and a podcast -- and will be produced right here on each competition week during the 2012-13 season.

The inaugural Deck Pass features a podcast with men's distance swimmers Connor Jaeger and Sean Ryan (LISTEN), while the blog below was written by Sam Pearson.

Michigan opens up the season this Saturday (Sept. 29) with a co-ed dual meet against Wisconsin inside Canham Natatorium. The meet will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Hey Michigan fans!

There have been a lot of changes happening at Canham Natatorium in the last couple of months. First and foremost -- if any of you haven't heard -- we are now a combined swim and dive program with the men's team! And with that, we got five new coaches: Mike Bottom, Rick Bishop, Josh White, Danielle Tansel and Mark Hill. Our team loves having such a powerful coaching staff on deck and they have created such a positive and competitive atmosphere during practice.

One of our biggest mottos for this year is "adapting," and our training schedule allows us to do just that. Swimmers have a notorious reputation for not being very coordinated on land, but we have definitely been proving that reputation wrong the last couple of weeks! Our team started doing stadium runs after morning practice in the Big House, and, oh man, what an experience that is! It's the best feeling to be in that huge stadium with just your teammates, watch the sun rise, and run nearly a thousand steps together. We even got to pull a Denard and sprint 50 yards into the end zone! Another great addition to our training program is our Zumba class. Nothing wakes you up better at 6 a.m. than some loud music and doing the wobble with your team! Some other sports teams have even stopped to watch us while on their way to practice.

Another big motto for this year is "commit." We lived out that motto last weekend when we put our minds to the test and went to a ropes course in the middle of the woods! There were several ropes, only an inch wide, all suspended over 25 feet in the air. A lot of girls conquered their fear of heights (myself included), but every single person went up and gave it a try. Everyone on the ropes course received so much encouragement from the girls on the ground, and we all had a great team bonding experience. Another great part about the course was zip-lining down and finally being on solid ground!

These last couple of weeks have been challenging, hectic, educational and unifying. We are all so excited to get the season underway with our first dual meet of the season against Wisconsin, which will also be a double dual with the men's team! We are coming together as a team and looking forward to applying things from practice into our races. We are in it to win it together and most importantly, win it for Michigan! Come out and support us this Saturday at 10:30 a.m. in Canham Natatorium! See you all there!