Postmatch Quotes: #17 Michigan 7, #24 Texas 0

March 8, 2014

Recap |  Notes

Michigan Head Coach Ronni Bernstein
On the win against Texas ... "It was an up and down match for us. We really competed hard, which is what I always want us to do. I really felt like the match was starting to turn when we were up 3-0 and Ronit (Yurovsky) went to a tiebreaker. She was able to get off court and put that fourth point up, which I felt we really needed at that point."

On the week as a whole ... "I think it was a good week. We got outside a lot, which was what we needed to do. The goal of this trip is just to get comfortable playing outdoors again. We had great weather against UNLV and played really well in that match. I thought our match today was a great culmination of our trip. We would have liked to play outside but we played well. Texas is a tough team and for the girls to win all the matches was good. We feel really good about how this trip went and where we go from here, headed into playing Virginia and Big Ten play."

On the play of Brooke Bolender and Emina Bektas at No. 1 doubles ... "They played a tough match today against a good team. They were up 5-2 but it was back and forth. We needed them to win that match at No. 1 because we were struggling a little bit at No. 3. They did a really good job of closing it out. We know that they can win for us and they are a great pair at the top of our lineup."

On Emina Bektas at the top of the lineup ... "She has really committed this year. She is super fit and has been able to win the close matches, like today. She is playing with so much confidence right now, which helps the team. It really helps the team when your No. 1 player is playing well. The best thing about Emina is that no one cares about the team more than she does. It is always great when your No. 1 player is putting that point on the board."

On the lineup ... "We are pretty strong up and down the lineup right now. Ronit (Yurovsky) can play with anybody at No. 2 and then having Sarah (Lee) and Brooke (Bolender) right behind her makes our lineup very solid. Everybody is playing well right now, which was what we wanted to see out of this trip."