Postgame Quotes: #6 Michigan 7, Ohio State 0

April 21, 2013

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Michigan Head Coach Ronni Bernstein
On winning a fourth consecutive Big Ten title ... "Each championship you win, it is special. You always want to win, that is what we set out to do each year. But this one is especially nice because the Big Ten is so strong this season. Our league was tough and every single match, the other team brought it, and we had to respond and do the same. We faced adversity with that loss to Indiana and really had to fight to get back in the Big Ten race. There have been no easy matches this year, and I am really proud of how all the girls stepped up."

On bouncing back from that Indiana loss to win the Big Ten championship ... "I think in a sense, a loss can help you, and we talked about that as a team. It was not the end of the world and was just one loss. Indiana is a great team, and that loss made us better. We still had to play three more weekends, and all was not lost after that. You can do a lot of things after a loss like that, you can be scared or you can step up and work on what you need to. I think that all of that culminated today with the win. It was a great team effort, and everyone stepped up and did what they needed to do."

On moving forward to the Big Ten Tournament ... "I am so proud of the girls. We challenged them to step up, and they really did. We are going to enjoy this championship for right now before getting ready for the Big Ten Tournament. We are really looking forward to it because it is like starting a new season. We know that it will be a challenge, but at the same time, we need to enjoy it."