Holding Serve with Emina Bektas and Sarah Lee

Oct. 22, 2012

Meet the Bloggers

Sarah Lee: I'm going to start off this blog by saying that my third goal in life is to be a better and more enjoyable blogger than my biggest rival, Emina Bektas. As you get to know us better, you'll see that we are polar opposites. And I mean black and white; night and day; Michigan and Ohio State (I'm Michigan). Although, we are different people, we have many similarities. The three most important being that we are here, we have a passion for tennis and we want to do the very best we can in representing the University of Michigan in every way possible.

Emina Bektas: EVERYONE out there should know that October is Breast Cancer awareness month by people all around the country wearing pink and showing their support. This week, my teammates and I are going to be wearing pink shoelaces in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month since we don't get to have a pink match like the volleyball team. I'm super jealous because volleyball has a PINK GAME and has their balls, lines, shirt and net painted pink. But anyways I suggest that EVERYONE show their support and wear something pink for breast cancer awareness month and of course some orange for Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. #ChuckStrong. GO COLTS! GO BLUE!

Setting the Scene

SL: I'm currently writing to you from the back seat of a decked out Ford Explorer next to Kristy "Pearls" Dodge, head coach Ronni Bernstein and DJ Emina Bektas on the way to Champaign, Ill., for regionals. Six hours in a car provides us with a good opportunity to catch up and reminisce over Ronni's glory college and professional days. As we get tired of listening to Taylor Swift's "Never Getting Back Together" and the occasional 1920s jam (for Ronni), we decide to converse with each other and fill Ronni in on what's been going on in our lives.

EB: We are almost two hours in on the car ride (with Sarah peeking over my shoulder trying to see what I'm writing. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN PAPER PLEASE). But we have about three and a half more hours to go until we're finally in Champaign for our first practice of the long week ahead. I know we're all really excited to get back out on the courts and compete against some great teams.

A Crazy Few Weeks

SL: After telling Ronni about a series of unfortunate events that have occurred to each one of us throughout the past month, we've come to the conclusion that someone (or some many people) are plotting to slowly and miserably ruin our lives.

It all started with our freshman, Amy Zhu, who has been a dog person her entire life. About a month ago after practice on a fine Michigan fall day, Amy was walking out of the Varsity Tennis Center and about to cross paths with Dominicka, one of the tennis center's coaches, and her Siberian husky. Amy, who loves dogs, kneeled down to pet the cute pup, while he proceeded to attack her face. Well, the pup's tooth managed to get a small hold on the skin near Amy's eye and she swaggishly sported a black eye for a week. Someone definitely possessed that dog.

We then had plans to drive down to Cedar Point in our team captain Brooke "Shaggy" Bolender's convertible (Sandy) for some quality team bonding. About 45 minutes in, Brooke's car started to decelerate and something didn't smell right so she pulled over at the next exit. As she was driving down the exit ramp, her steering wheel locked and smoke started to come out of both ends of her car. RIP Sandy.

EB: Two nights later Sarah and I are at home after the Student-Athlete Homecoming Dance just minding our own business and you know what happens?! Our house starts smoking! Fire alarms are going off left and right. Sarah and I are running around the house like a bunch of lunatics trying to find out where the smoke was coming from. And let me tell you, Sarah and I in a situation like that TOGETHER may be one of the worst possible things ever. Sarah's first thought while this whole thing was going down was to call our teammate Brooke. Does Brooke look like a fire marshal to you? I don't see a fire truck parked in her garage.

And what do I do? Call 911 of course, as Sarah is yelling at me to put on shoes and get out of the house. Sarah didn't even follow her own advice because she was standing outside BAREFOOT waiting for the fire department to show up. All of a sudden, fire trucks, ambulances and cop cars are everywhere. Talk about making a scene right on State Street. Don't worry though, everyone survived. But if any of you want to send some flowers or a box of chocolates to our house as a "glad you guys are alive, what would we have done without the women's tennis team" sort of gift, we don't mind in the least!

Until Next Time

SL: It's safe to say that we're excited to get out of Ann Arbor for a few days. You all think we're going to compete and bring home some hardware, but in reality, we're going for security purposes. Whoops, guess I just blew our cover.

Talk to you guys with updates soon. Go Blue!


EB: Anyways time to get ready for this weekend and hopefully we'll make all of you guys proud out there! Sarah and I will be back writing after regionals so try not to miss us too much. Anyways hope you enjoyed the first blog and if anyone thinks Sarah's is funnier than mine, well, we are going to have some serious issues. Until next time!

With Love,

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