2010 Michigan Women's Track and Field Weekly Releases

6/7/2010Weekly Release #21: Pendleton Sisters Compete at NCAAs Wednesday
5/24/2010Weekly Release #20: U-M Sends Eight to NCAA East Preliminary Round
5/11/2010Weekly Release #19: Michigan Travels to Big Ten Championships
5/3/2010Weekly Release #18: Wolverines Host Len Paddock Invitational
4/27/2010Weekly Release #17: Jesse Owens Classic, Payton Jordan Highlight Weekend
4/19/2010Weekly Release #16: U-M Splits Three Ways for Weekend Action
4/13/2010Weekly Release #15: U-M Stays Close for the EMU Invitational
4/5/2010Weekly Release #14: U-M Travels to UCLA for Johnson/Joyner Invitational
3/30/2010Weekly Release #13: U-M Stays in Michigan for Spartan Invitational
3/23/2010Weekly Release #12: Wolverines Travel Out West for Stanford Invitational
3/15/2010Weekly Release #11: U-M Begins Outdoor Campaign at South Florida
3/9/2010Weekly Release #10: DMR, Lumbus Set for NCAA Championships
3/2/2010Weekly Release #9: Final Indoor Meet Before NCAA Championships
2/23/2010Weekly Release #8: Wolverines Head to Penn State for Big Tens
2/15/2010Weekly Release #7: U-M Returns Home for Silverston Invitational
2/8/2010Weekly Release #6: Three Events Highlight Weekend Action
2/2/2010Weekly Release #5: Wolverines Split Up for Weekend Action
1/26/2010Weekly Release #4: Wolverines Travel to Rod McCravy Memorial
1/19/2010Weekly Release #3: Wolverines Host Red Simmons Invitational
1/11/2010Weekly Release #2: U-M Heads to Penn State Northeast Challenge
1/5/2010Weekly Release #1: Wolverines Kick Off 2010 at Akron Quad

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