Postmeet Quotes: Simmons-Harvey Invitational

Jan. 18, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach James Henry
On the group that competed last weekend continuing to improve ... "For the track group, this was week two. You always want to improve week to week and sometimes in track you don't get an improvement from week one to week two, but I think the sprints, jumps and throws side of the equation, we were excited we had a full team and we know that that part of the program is our bread and butter and we were excited to see a good performance in every single event."

On the team chemistry on the track today ... "When you know that you're a pretty good, and you know that you've worked hard, and you know that you've had goals, and you know that you have talent and you know that you've been with someone day in and day out, and you know what they're capable of, it's exciting to see it all get together. We have excellent leaders in our seniors and our three captains and if this continues on, we will continue to get better, and bigger, and more exciting as the season goes on."

On performances that stood out today ... "It's always hard to do that because we're balanced. I think we're very, very good but the extremely good things were of course Erin Finn in the 3,000m, Kiley Tobel in the pole vault. I also thought some of the younger kids did an outstanding job, like Cindy Ofili -- sometimes the better athletes are expected that they do well and when they did do well that's great. There was also Aaron Howell, who did an outstanding job in her three open events. Erin Busbee did an outstanding job in her hurdling, and also did well in the long jump. It's hard to name everyone who stood out when you're so balanced. There were several good performances today."

On preparing for the dual with Michigan State ... "It's always exciting because they are the rivals. We respect them, they respect us, but athletically we want to beat each other and that's what the competition is all about. I enjoy it because sometimes the kids that are getting points taking third, fourth, or fifth are just as a important as a person taking first or second. So this kind of a meet is indicative of what traditional track scoring meets are, and shows that every athlete can count when you're doing a dual meet. I'm excited for our extremely good kids I'm also excited for our kids that are up and coming."

U-M Fifth-Year Senior Kiley Tobel
On improving her own school record in front of a home crowd ... "These are honestly my favorite meets minus Big Tens and nationals just because it's so relaxed, it's such a good atmosphere, it's what we train in everyday and it usually sets me up to be jumping well. At this point in the season, being in the second meet out, really the second time I've jumped from a long run, I'm just really happy the way things turned out today. I have a lot of things I need to work on, but the fact that I got that mark out of the way early just takes a lot of the pressure off and just makes me excited for the rest of the season."

On competing on the road for the remainder of the indoor season ... "I like competing at different places, getting different competitors. Usually indoor it's not a lot of travel, so it's not too bad. SPIRE for example has a flat runway like ours so getting experience on a flat runaway is always good. Notre Dame has a raised runaway, Grand Valley has a raised runway, so the dual (vs. Michigan State) will be on a raised runway. So it's good to get that kind of taste too -- it's just little differences. Overall this is a good way to get the confidence up and then from that, just take that confidence into each meet, no matter where it is."

On having the full squad together today ... "It's so fun and I think it really reminds us that everyone is doing their part. While I'm on the runaway pole vaulting Erin Busbee is long jumping while Megan Weschler is winning the mile and we have a great 800 field, Cindy's (Ofili) taking the hurdles and setting an awesome mark for January as well. Things like that, just seeing those performances in January, gives us the kind of confidence we need going into Big Tens and pushes people along. Someone who's struggling or who didn't have the best meet knows that their training is headed in the right direction and that as the season goes on and you get more opportunities to compete. Building off of each other's performances is important to us as a team."