NCAA Indoor Championships Pre-Meet Quotes

March 7, 2012

Event Preview

Michigan Associate Head Coach Mike McGuire
On the mid-distance runners who qualified for the NCAA Championships
... "I'm really proud of them. They've done a great job in preparation and this is a fitting reward for their efforts. The standards to get in now are just lights out. In the distance medley relay, 11:04 usually scored pretty high in the meet and that barely got us there. We're excited about our prospects there. Jill (Smith) and Becca (Addison) have done a nice job to make it to the meet again, they both scored last year, so that's a goal that they have and we also have for them. Shannon (Osika) has had a really solid initial campaign here. She's done a great job, particularly given that fact that she wasn't here in the fall. She's done a great job of merging in with the group. Jill and Becca and some of the older girls have done a great job of embracing her and showing here the way."

On the rarity of a freshman qualifying for NCAAs in two events ... "That's a testament in the talent that she has and the competitiveness that she's displayed up to this point. I feel that the future bodes bright for her."

On the strength of the distance medley relay ... "I feel we're prepared. We're going to be sharing the track with one more team than usual -- I don't remember a field of 13 in years past. There's going to be an extra talented team out there. Positioning is going to be important, particularly on that first leg. Getting the baton navigated in the exchange zones, particularly early in the race will be interesting."

Michigan Volunteer Assistant Coach Shean Conlon
On Kiley Tobel qualifying for the NCAA Championships ... "Kiley worked hard and earned the right to go to outdoor nationals last year and that experience motivated her to train at a whole new level of intensity. From the summer, through the fall, through the winter she trained extremely hard and she deserves to be going to indoor nationals now. She belongs in that company."