Michigan Women's Track and Field Hall of Fame

In 1994, the University of Michigan Track and Field program began a tradition to honor its finest competitors and coaches. The Michigan Women's Track and Field Hall of Fame opened with its inaugural induction on Jan. 22, 1994, with the induction of former U-M head coach Kenneth "Red" Simmons. Simmons was the first head coach of Michigan women's track and field, guiding the Wolverine program during its first four seasons of competition (1978-81). Red was a member of the 1932 U.S. Olympic track and field team, advancing to the semifinals in the 440m hurdles.

U-M will induct the entire 1978 team into the Michigan Women's Track and Field Hall of Fame on Sept. 6, 2009. The 1978 team was the first varsity women's track and field team in Wolverine history as it participated in four events during the season, finishing eighth out of nine teams at the inaugural Big Ten Conference Championships.

Michigan Women's Track & Field Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Title (Years) Year Inducted
Kenneth "Red" Simmons Coach (1978-81) 1994
Francie Kraker Goodridge Athlete (1966-68 club sport)/Coach (1982-84) 1996
Sue Frederick Foster Athlete (1980-83)/Cross Country Coach (1987-91) 1997
Penny Neer Athlete (1979-80-81-82) 1997
Melanie Weaver Athlete (1980-81-82-83) 1999
Debbie Williams Athlete (1979-80-81-82) 1999
Sue Schroeder Ament Athlete (1983-84-85-86) 2004
Pam Moore Kellenberger Athlete (1978-79) 2004
Courtney Babcock Key Athlete (1992-93-94-96) 2004
Joanna Bullard Mehall Athlete (1980-81-82-83) 2004
Phyllis Ocker Administration (1977-90) 2004
Lisa Larsen Rainsberger Athlete (1981-82-83) 2004
Molly McClimon Watcke Athlete (1990-93-94) 2007
Joyce Wilson Eder Athlete (1983-84-85-86) 2007
Mindy Rowand Schmitt Athlete (1988-89-90) 2007
Katie McGregor Athlete (1996-97-98-99) 2007
1978 Team * Athlete 2009
Nicole ForresterAthlete (1996-97-98-99)2014
Katie (Erdman) WaitsAthlete (2003-04-05-06-07)2014
Nicole (Edwards) SifuentesAthlete (2005-06-07-08)2014
Geena (Gall) LaraAthlete (2005-06-07-08-09)2014
Tiffany (Ofili) PorterAthlete (2006-07-08-09)2014
Kristine WesterbyAthlete (1992-93-94)2015
Tania LongeAthlete (1995-96-97-98)2015
April (Phillips) WilkowskiAthlete (2000-01-02-03)2015
Lindsey GalloAthlete (2002-03-04-05)2015
Bettie (Wade) ZimmermanAthlete (2006-07-08-09)2015
* Members of the 1978 team include: Cathy Bean, Katie Benner, Roberta Brown, Julie Clifford, Abby Currier, Janet Hallfrisch, Sue Keller, DeDe Key, Sherri King, Pam Moore, Karen Preston and Christina Smith.