At the Net with Savannah Guy

May 17, 2017

Throughout the offseason and heading into the 2017 season, the Wolverines will give fans an inside look at the Michigan volleyball program with the At the Net blogs. This week, freshman Savannah Guy discusses her spring trip to Europe, choosing a major, and spending the summer in Ann Arbor

Hi Everyone!

Savannah Guy here, and I am currently writing this in Barcelona, Spain! Right after finals, I took a two-week trip exploring Europe around Italy, France and Spain. My genius advisors found two online classes that I could take to make this trip possible. Spain has been my favorite so far, as I am fluent in Spanish (even though Katerina Rocafort doesn't agree) and can finally use it in a real-world application, engulfing myself into the culture. Spanish minor in the future perhaps?

Yet, I am ready to get back to Ann Arbor with all my best friends. A couple of freshmen including myself, Ellie and "Rocky" all decided to move into a house together in May. Tons of student-athletes live on the same street and we are so excited to finally move out of the dorms and be "real" adults. Time will tell to see who actually takes out the trash and does the dishes ...

Looking back on my freshman year, I found the academics to come more naturally at Michigan than the volleyball. However, both were extremely challenging and tested all my abilities but I am so thankful I figured everything out and can now continue with a set major of Political Science (no more math, thank goodness!) and boost that GPA! This year allowed me to realize what I truly wanted to pursue and I couldn't be happier.

Everyone from home is always asking why I'm not going back to San Diego for the summer. They probably think I'm crazy, but Ann Arbor is so beautiful and I'm excited to spend time somewhere else rather than the same place I spent the past 18 years! The weather is so nice and I can't wait to float down the river and ride my moped around, with a helmet of course and five-point harness seat belt. If anyone has any cool secret summer locations, let me know! All jokes aside, see everyone back in Ann Arbor and Cliff Keen!

As always, Go Blue!

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