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June 3, 2013

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Lindsey Lerg is next up in a series that will outline U-M's 13-day tour of Brazil and Argentina, which will include nine matches across the two South American countries.

We followed up yesterday with another long day today. It started out this morning at breakfast, before we headed to our morning match at 11. Our strength and conditioning coach Mike (Favre) was in charge of our warm up and needless to say, we were sweating and ready to go in no time. We played UNLaM again and won the match in three sets. After winning the match, we went to shake hands with the girls, or should I say women? Their libero told us she was 39 years old with three teenagers and an administrator of the university -- impressive! Surprising enough, UNLaM came under the net and kissed us all on the cheek as a way of saying thank you and good game.

The athletic director of the university then took us on a tour around the campus -- which is actually an abandoned car factory -- showing us their track, natatorium, gymnastics arena, biblioteca and their radio show, which happened to be on air with two of our very own teammates, Spanish major Brittany Lee and Lexi Dannemiller. They talked about their favorite movies and TV shows to all of the Buenos Aires area.

Lunch time came around soon enough, and we ate with the UNLaM team, trying our best at conversing despite the language barrier (and if I say so myself, we did a pretty good job). And luckily for this team, we all love to eat meat, because if you don't, you may be in trouble here in Argentina. They brought around just about every part of a cow for us to try. Let's just say some of us were more adventurous than others when it came to trying the different kinds of meat, including something called "blood sausage." And just when we thought we had enough food, they brought out one dessert, and then another, and then a third. They were all extremely delicious. Before we left, we exchanged T-shirts with UNLaM and took countless pictures.

Before going back to the hotel, we went to a street fair in which I believe everyone had to try to speak a little Español at some point or another because all of the vendors were testing our Spanish-speaking skills. Walking around with two bigs, Jen (Cross) and Krystalyn (Goode), was probably the best part with how many people asked them how tall they were and watching them have to duck under wires every five or so feet. I guess being short has its perks. Oh, and let's not forget to say that if the South America girls didn't like our director of operation Ben (Belanger) enough, he now bought a fedora so we'll see how many more want pictures with him now.

We got changed, went to dinner and had some very tasty pizza and cappuccinos before heading off to a Tango show. The Tango show included a lot of dancing, music and singing, which I wish I could have understood, but it was still fun regardless. I'm sure many of us wish we could dance in heels like the performers, because knowing myself, I can barely walk in them.

The different kinds of dances, and the storyline made it interesting throughout the night.

It was a long day, but well worth it! Can't wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store!

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