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June 6, 2013

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Ally Davis took her turn Thursday in a blog series that will outline U-M's 13-day tour of Brazil and Argentina, which will include nine matches across the two South American countries.

Every day I find myself wondering if it's humanly possible for the day to be better than the last. However, I am constantly amazed how each day is filled with excitement and new adventures. My experience in Argentina has been nothing but incredible so far. Today has been a bit different from the other days because tomorrow is a travel day.

We started our day bright and early because our match was at 10:30. Even though we had a late night yesterday, the team was still excited for our match vs. C.A. Boca. We ate breakfast and headed to the gym around 9:30. Due to the match being in the morning, the crowd was not as big as it was last night. We won in four sets. After the match, we sang Happy Birthday to one of the players on the other team, got changed and headed to lunch.

We ate lunch at El Obrero, which has been my favorite meal thus far. Even though I have loved everything I have eaten here, this meal was incredible. We had everything from salad to calamari for starters. Then we had different types of meat and pastas to try. The ravioli looked so delicious that I had to go against my lactose intolerance and let me say it was worth it!

After a very filling lunch, we went and did a little bit of shopping in La Boca. The streets were filled with souvenir shops and cafes. Kelly Murphy taught me how to bargain after I paid 38 pesos for a glass and she paid 20. At the next shop I tried it out, only to get laughed at for requesting to pay 15 pesos instead of 30. I am going to have to work on that for Brazil. There is a lot of exciting things going on in La Boca. The men were very "friendly," and I heard possibly the best pick up line ever, "I wash, I cook, I clean!"

After shopping in La Boca, we got back on the bus. A few people toured around La Plaza and the rest of us went back to the hotel to nap, do laundry, etc. Today is the first day we have a bit of down time because we don't have a match tomorrow. Tonight, we are going to dinner at our tour guides family's apartment. The team is so excited to have a night to relax and celebrate our time in Argentina. Off to Brazil tomorrow!

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