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June 9, 2013

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Lexi Dannemiller pens the entry for June 9 in a series that will outline U-M's 13-day tour of Brazil and Argentina, which will include nine matches across the two South American countries.

Our second full day in Brazil! Today was our day off so we got to go to the most anticipated adventure spot in Rio! My room with Krystalyn and Kelly slept in a little before getting a fruit-filled breakfast, but Carly, Erwin, Lindsey and Tiffany woke up early to see the sunrise on the Copacabana Beach. I only saw pictures, but it looked gorgeous and motivated a couple other girls and I to wake up early tomorrow to see the sunrise. Before hiking up Corcovado, we did a little souvenir shopping around the area, went to an art museum and grabbed a small lunch. The museum featured around 6,000 works of art from the 15th century to present time, representing all the Brazilian states and over 100 countries. For lunch, I had some very yummy suco de marancuja (passion fruit juice) at a place called Graviola. Krystalyn attempted to order a BLT burger in Portuguese and ended up getting a ham sandwich. But hey, that sandwich was not too shabby.

We then took a tram up to the giant Jesus Christ statue (Cristo Redentor) overlooking all of Rio. On our trip up, we could only see white fog and were pretty worried we wouldn't be able to see anything. All we see is the pillar to the bottom of the statue. Finally, after around 10 minutes of waiting, this Wonder of the Modern World came to show us what the big deal was! Everyone cheered and got out their cameras to see this gorgeous statue. Really, it's one of those beauties you truly have to experience to be able to understand. Then the clouds covering up Rio started to disperse and we could see the entire city! We took as many pictures, panoramas, Instagrams, Vines and videos as we chilled in the shadow of the 140-foot Jesus.

On our wait for the train back down the stairs, a samba band played for us and Lerg, Kelly Williamson, and Sabol danced with the band members.

The rest of the day was ours, as some girls went to the beach or shopped in the weekend fair for souvenirs. We met back up at eight for dinner! We went to our first Brazilian steakhouse. As I write this, my stomach is still overfilled with every single type meat from the cow possible. It was delicious! We even tried a chicken heart, which kind of tasted like a chicken nugget from McDonald's. After dinner, we turned in early to prepare for a match lined up for tomorrow! And a pretty special day for me too:)

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