At the Net with Maddy Abbott

June 14, 2017

Throughout the offseason and heading into the 2017 season, the Wolverines will give fans an inside look at the Michigan volleyball program with the At the Net blogs. This week, rising junior Maddy Abbott discusses spring in Ann Arbor, a biology course, and excitement for the upcoming season.

It's hard to believe we are in the middle of June and even harder to believe I'm about to be a junior here. It seems like just yesterday I was reporting for preseason as a freshman -- nervously seeing my nameplate on my locker for the first time and pinching myself when I got to first put on a Michigan jersey. I'm already scheming ways to stay for a fifth year -- I never want to leave this place!

There is absolutely nothing like Ann Arbor in the spring. I will admit that riding my moped to Cliff Keen is a much more pleasant experience in the sun and in shorts, as opposed to October and November's required gloves and parka.

These past couple of weeks I've enjoyed spending time with my teammates both in and out of the gym. I've watched our freshmen move out of the dorms and make the transition into living in houses, and I've wished them the best of luck learning to cook for themselves (something I still struggle very much to do but thankfully I have invested in a crockpot). I had the chance to travel back home again with Carly Skjodt to see the Indy 500 and spend time with her amazing family, and I also spent a weekend in Northern Michigan (my favorite place in the entire world) with my sweet grandparents.

I'm currently taking a six-week biology class, and I'll admit it's only further reinforcing why I love my English major so much. Once I take my final, I'll head home to Southern California where I'll be able to play both indoor and beach volleyball, and I'm really looking forward to helping coach camps at my high school and work out with some of my old teammates who play collegiately at different schools around the country now.

Time is flying by, and in no time we'll have our incoming freshmen on campus. They all are so impressive, and I can't wait to get to know them even better and welcome them into our Michigan volleyball family. I know everyone is antsy to start traveling and competing, and I can't wait to be back in Cliff Keen with my teammates and the best fans in the world.

Whose got it better than us?

Maddy Abbott

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