Question of the Week: Why do you wear that number?

Aug. 23, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 1: Why do you wear your current number?

Molly Toon (No. 1) -- I wear my number because all of my siblings also wear the No. 1. My older brother, Nick, who plays football at Wisconsin, my older sister, Kirby, who plays volleyball at Wisconsin, and now my little sister, who plays volleyball at Middleton High School.

Jennifer Cross (No. 2) -- I used to wear No. 5 with my other sports (hockey and soccer) but then when I started club, I switched to No. 2. When someone left who wore No. 12, I switched to that for a few years but wanted to go back to No. 2 when I came to school.

Sloane Donhoff (No. 3) -- When I was 12 years old and just starting club volleyball, I really wanted the No. 2, but another girl already had it. So I settled for No. 3 but ended up keeping that same number throughout grade school, high school, countless club seasons and now college.

Michelle McMahon (No. 4) -- I wear No. 4 because my birthday is April 4 (4/4/90), so I have just always loved that number.

Olivia Reed (No. 5) -- I wear No. 5 because my high school number was seven but taken here. I just decided I wanted to stay a single digit and No. 5 was left.

Karlee Bruck (No. 6) -- I chose my number because the number I was in high school was not available here. I wore No. 26 and since the jersey numbers didn't go that high and I don't like odd numbers, I decided I wanted either No. 2 or No. 6. Beth Karpiak was No. 2 when I got here, so I took No. 6.

Catherine Yager (No. 7) -- I picked my number of seven because throughout high school volleyball and club volleyball I kept switching between numbers three and seven. So when I came to Michigan and Sloane had already picked number three I knew I wanted to have No. 7 then!

Alex Hunt (No. 8) -- I chose No. 8 because No. 9 was taken by Jackie Nissen. While playing volleyball, I had always been an odd number, so switching to an even number was a really big life decision. This life decision was confirmed by a childhood book I read when I was in the third grade titled, "It's Great to be Eight," which listed reasons why being eight and the No. 8 is the best age and number (I am still looking for another copy). With three great years at the U-M, I have to say I am pretty happy with the luck that the No. 8 has brought me, and I look forward to wearing it again for this last and final season.

Lauren Teknipp (No. 9) -- I really wanted No. 23, but the numbers don't go that high here. I took No. 9 because I don't like even numbers and it was the last odd number available.

Lexi Dannemiller (No. 10) -- I wore No. 5 growing up because it was the number my mom wore when she played. But when I was a junior in high school, I outgrew the jersey because they were sized by number and the No. 5 was pretty small. I switched to No. 10 and it worked for me, so I decided to keep it when I got here.

Lexi Erwin (No. 11) -- Well the number I wanted (14) was taken by Claire McElheny, so I chose No. 11 because my best friend from home was that number.

Ally Sabol (No. 13) -- My number has always been 13 for volleyball because it used to be my older sister's number. I stole it from her, but in high school, an older girl already had it so I had to switch to No. 31. But I was able to go back to it when I got to Michigan because no one else had it.

Claire McElheny (No. 14) -- I picked No. 14 because Lyndsay Miller wore it before I got here and she was a middle. When I came in, that was the position I was and I wanted to wear it because she did. Also, it is two times seven, which was my number before.

Courtney Fletcher (No. 15) -- Before coming here, I had been No. 3 on every team I had ever been on. I chose the number 3 because of a saying that I was brought up on; "I am third", which means that you put God first, others second and yourself third. But being the procrastinator that I am, I did not reply to Leisa (Rosen) in time to get the number I wanted. So I remembered that I had been No. 5 on a USA team I was on in high school, so I multiplied them together and got 15, which is my number now.

Brittany Lee (No. 16) -- I wear No. 16 because it is a multiple of four and there are four people in my family. Four squared.

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