Question of the Week: What has been your favorite class at Michigan?

Sept. 12, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 4: What has been your favorite class at the University of Michigan?

Courtney Fletcher -- Television Studio II. In this class, I was able to create, write and actually produce a pilot episode for a sitcom. My idea, 'The Hardwood Diaries," was chosen and ended up winning 'Best Sitcom" in the student film festival last spring!

Michelle McMahon -- Comm 351 because it was interesting to learn the depth and the business aspect of the media industry, which is the industry I want to be part of when I graduate.

Lexi Erwin -- Urban Planning 423

Jennifer Cross -- Psych 111. I had it with Molly (Toon) and Ally (Sabol). There were some really interesting topics, including how everyone learns.

Molly Toon -- Psych because I find it super interesting.

Brittany Lee -- Art of Film.

Alex Hunt -- Sociology 295: The Experience of Social Class in College and the Community. The class was taught by a great professor, Dwight Lang. It was cool because I could see what we were learning in my own life.

Claire McElheny -- Women's Health. I took it with a few teammates. We had fun and it was very interesting.

Lexi Dannemiller -- My favorite subject is math because it makes sense and is easy to me. Also, it is just like they say in the movie 'Mean Girls," 'It is the same in all countries.'"

Karlee Bruck -- Jazz 454

Lauren Teknipp -- SM 101, which is a public speaking class. I want to be a sideline reporter when I am older for the NFL, NBA or something like that so it is pretty important that I get really good at public speaking.

Olivia Reed -- English 223: Creative Writing. It is a small group and I love writing. Plus, we sit in really comfortable chairs.

Sloane Donhoff -- Women's Health. Courtney Fletcher was in the class with me. It was so much fun and extremely informative.

Ally Sabol -- I haven't made it to class yet because of all the traveling we have been doing, but I am thinking it will be my independent study.
Catherine Yager -- Women's Health.

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