At the Net with Carly Warner
Carly Werner

Sept. 13, 2012

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The Michigan volleyball Q&A series continues with freshman setter Carly Warner. The Wolverines will play their final in-season tournament this Friday and Saturday (Sept. 14-15) as part of the Coke/Michigan Invitational in Cliff Keen Arena. The Maize and Blue opens the tournament Friday at 11 a.m. against Eastern Michigan. Michigan then faces Western Kentucky Friday at 7:30 p.m. The Wolverines wrap up the tournament this Saturday against Duke at 7 p.m.

Warner, a native of Naperville, Ill., is one of six true freshmen on the Wolverine roster. She had 35 assists and three digs in the three-set win over Nicholls State on Aug. 24 in U-M's season opener. Warner was an all-state selection her senior season at St. Francis High School.

Warner sat down to talk about playing at home the next two weekends, her ties with assistant coach Erin Virtue and balancing volleyball with her school work.

Q: You played one tournament at home this year and have the next two weekends at Keen. How excited are you to be playing at home?
A: I'm really excited. The crowd and everything is really exciting. Especially as a freshman, it's a new experience and I really enjoyed coming in, even if it's for a couple points. It's really to fun to get in and feel the crowd and be with your teammates on the home floor.

Q: Talk about your relationship with (assistant coach) Erin (Virtue). I know you went to the same high school as she did and now she's your position coach.
A: We get along really well. She's a really good coach and I listen to everything she has to say because I think she knows a lot and I really take into account what she tells me to do. We have so many connections. It's helped us already to become close, so she knows that I listen to everything she tells me, and I think she knows she can tell me whatever she wants. And if I ever have a question I can go to her if I need her.

Q: What are the biggest differences between high school and college volleyball?
A: It's a lot faster and a lot stronger. The hitters are so much stronger and a lot harder to read, and it's a lot more exciting, too. There's always those games in high school and club where everyone's riled up and there's big crowds, but with college volleyball there's a lot more of that every game. It's not just one game here, one game there; every game is really big and pretty fast and everyone's really good.

Q: You played that first match against Nicholls State in Missouri. How were you feeling going into that match? Were you nervous or excited?
A: I was excited. I knew we were going to do really well, so I knew I could count on my teammates if anything were to go wrong, and I knew I had to play my game. I knew we were going to do well and I just played my game, and it worked out well.

Q: You've only been in class for a few days now, but talk about the differences now that you have to balance class and practice and how have those first couple of classes gone for you?
A: The first week was hard because we missed the first two days, and I think especially after a day of class I realized what time management I need to do and how I need to work out and when I need to do my homework. So I think after the first couple of weeks I'll get into the swing of things. Right now it's a little overwhelming, but I think it will get better over time.


Food ... Steak

TV Show ... Modern Family

Musical artist ... That's a toughie, Chris Brown

Movie ... The Avengers

Vacation spot ... If I could, I'd probably go to the Caribbean for vacation.

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