Question of the Week: What is the hardest part of playing two games in one day?

Sept. 19, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 5: With the non-conference tournament season complete, what is the hardest part about playing two matches in one day?

Karlee Bruck -- The hardest aspect for me when having to play two matches in one day is the mental aspect. It is difficult especially when coming off an emotional win or loss because you know you have to refocus and get ready for another match later. Not to mention it is pretty physically demanding. But also totally worth it when we win all of them like we did this preseason!

Courtney Fletcher -- All of the scouting. We scout the first team we play the night before, then watch two different teams right before we play our first match, then watch one of them play again before our second match, then focus on the next team, then scout one last time and then play. It can get confusing, and all the players start running together.

Michelle McMahon -- The hardest thing for me is managing time between finding time to do homework and also to sleep. It is no secret that I am not a morning person and need a solid eight hours of sleep every night, and at least one nap during the day. It is also no secret that I am the nerd of the team and am always doing my homework.

Lexi Erwin -- In games, I personally feel like the mental focus and toughness is very difficult to sustain for an entire game. I think after a game is over, it is hardest to move on from however you played, good or bad, and bring a better match the second time around. It's sort of like changing gears really fast from playing to resting to playing again.

Ally Sabol -- Packing for both games in the morning and being scared I forgot something all day.

Alex Hunt -- It is physically and mentally very tiring. I am very happy I will never have to do it again.

Sloane Donhoff -- The hardest thing about playing in tournaments it that you end up playing a bunch of different teams that can have completely different styles of play. Having to adjust to these styles can be tricky. Also, it gets a little tiring!

Catherine Yager -- The hardest part about playing in a tournament twice in one day is getting warm for the first one and then having to warm back up for the second one in a quick turnaround.

Lauren Teknipp -- The hardest thing about playing in a tournament twice in one day is having to warm up and then re-warm up because it takes so long to get ready for the game when I just want to play.

Jennifer Cross -- The hardest part would definitely be making sure you keep your energy level high throughout the day. We all have gone through club where tournaments would last for 12 hours, so we know what to expect. Eating well and staying hydrated is really important. That is something I do a much better job at now than in club.

Olivia Reed -- Since I just got done playing all day long high school tournaments and club tournaments where we play multiple times in a day, playing twice in one day actually doesn't seem that bad. I'm sure my opinion will change when I'm an upperclassman!

Molly Toon -- I think it is refocusing for the second match. You could have the best match of your life and have to turn around and do it again.

Lexi Dannemiller -- I think the hardest part about playing two matches in one day is getting enough rest in between games to keep your energy up but not too much so that you're still tired.

Claire McElheny -- It is always hard with two matches in a day because we play a match then we have to shut our bodies down for a little bit and ice until we have to start warming up again. Getting warm for the second match in the day is always the hardest part.

Brittany Lee -- I think the hardest thing is the limited amount of time we have. It is hard to get certain things done when time is crunched.

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