Question of the Week: If you could play another sport, what would it be?

Sept. 26, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 6: If you could play any other sport besides volleyball, what would it be and why?

Olivia Reed -- I want to play hockey! I have always wanted to play hockey because it is the one sport where you are allowed to just let it all out and check someone into the boards or start a fight. The fights are used as a strategy to get in a player's head, or to stick up for your teammate if a referee missed a call.

Lexi Dannemiller -- I would love to play tennis because it is fun and kind of similar to volleyball.

Molly Toon -- I would play tetherball because I am the reigning champion on our team. If anyone wants to take me on, contact our SID, Sarah VanMetre.

Claire McElheny -- If I could play another sport, it would be kickball. I used to play soccer so I was a pretty heavy kicker and was basically a rock star at it in grade school until the first practice of eighth grade when I broke my hip. Unfortunately, that was my career-ending injury after I played on it for three weeks without knowing it was broken.

Brittany Lee -- If I could play any other sport, I would play either tennis or be a gymnast.

Lauren Teknipp -- If I could do any other sport it would be high jump because I did it in high school and broke records! It is just so much fun for me. I don't really have a really good reason, but that's why!

Karlee Bruck -- Basketball!!! I started playing at a young age and instantly fell in love! I can vividly remember growing up and watching and playing games with my dad such as "PIG" and "Around the World." I always won because "to be the man you have to beat the man." To this day when I come home during breaks, we'll play a game or two. Diana Taurasi was also a huge influence on me and I wanted nothing more than to someday play for UConn just like her!!

Ally Sabol -- Basketball was my favorite sport to play because I like the contact part of it, but I had to quit after my knee surgeries

Sloane Donhoff -- I would definitely play either tennis or softball because I grew up playing tennis, but I really love playing a team sport and bonding with the other girls out there battling to win with me. So, if I had to choose I would probably pick softball for the team aspect. And they wear cute ribbons and jewelry when they play!

Courtney Fletcher -- If I could play any other sport besides volleyball it would be tennis. I played for several years in USTA and ALTA when I was younger and really enjoyed it. There's not as much impact and I think my volleyball skills (such as lateral footwork, reading and arm-swing) could transfer over quite nicely. I'm actually hoping to pick it up again when volleyball is over, after I spend a couple months resting, of course!

Lexi Erwin -- I would definitely be playing racquetball and my partner would be Ally Sabol. We have great chemistry as she has the speed and catlike reflexes, and I have the power and rage while I play.

Alex Hunt -- I would play softball because it is really fun and because Amanda Chidester is kind of a big deal.

Jennifer Cross -- If I could play any other sport, I would pick tennis. I love to watch it and my roommate last year, Brooke Bolender, is a tennis player at Michigan. It is so fun to watch and I think it would have been so fun to play as a kid.

Catherine Yager -- If I could play another sport other than volleyball I would play tennis because their outfits and gear are cute! Also, I used to go and play some for fun with my sister in high school.

Michelle McMahon -- I would definitely play football. I grew up playing soccer, so I miss the contact aspect of sports. Last year for our spring activity we got to play flag football with Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner and Kenny Demens as our quarterbacks. Team Denard/Devin won, and it was awesome to play in the new indoor football facility. I think Sloane Donhoff would agree that I was meant to play a contact sport due to our collision at the end of the game. She went for the game-winning touchdown, and I went for the game-winning interception. Needless to say, it didn't end pretty.

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