Five Questions with: Middle Blocker Krystalyn Goode
Krystalyn Goode

Oct. 3, 2013

The No. 14-ranked University of Michigan volleyball team opens a four-match homestand with a pair of matches this weekend at Cliff Keen Arena. The Wolverines face Northwestern on Friday night (Oct. 4) at 7 p.m. The Maize and Blue then host Illinois on Saturday night (Oct. 5) also at 7 p.m. The Illinois match will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network with Mike Wolf and Audrey Flaugh on the call. This week, sophomore Krystalyn Goode talks about playing in Cliff Keen Arena, the differences between her freshman and sophomore years and her singing talents.

Q: What have been the biggest differences between your freshman and sophomore year, both on and off the court?
A: The biggest difference on the court this year is the fact that I'm more involved in the offense, I really have to be ready to attack all times and be able to contribute to the team offensively as well as defensively. Off the court, the biggest difference would have to be living off campus. I'm no longer in the dorms, so now I have to cook my own meals and be responsible!

Q: How has the trip to South America helped you and the team?
A: The trip was awesome. I think it gave us an opportunity to experience different cultures and grow with one another. Especially being to a part of the world that most of us had never been to, that was really cool. As a team, we were able to face different obstacles both on and off the court, and just embrace a different culture, so that was really cool.

Q: Do you have any pre-match routines or superstitions?
A: Hmmm, I don't really have any superstitions, but one routine is that I normally listen to music and Carly (Warner) and I normally take a picture to post on Instagram. We call it "game-day focused."

Q: The team starts a four-match homestand this weekend. What are the best things about playing at Cliff Keen Arena?
A: I love being able to play in Cliff Keen, because of the intimate atmosphere. I just love how excited our crowd gets whenever we score a point, and to hear them say "Point Michigan!" I think our Zone does a great job, and they're really involved, and have been pretty committed to coming to every match, so that's pretty cool.

Q: Singing is a big part of your life. When did that start for you and who do you think can carry a tune on the team?
A: Well I feel like I've always known I've have a pretty good voice, but I've also always been kind of nervous or self-conscious to sing in front of others. So probably I've known since I was a little kid. I used to sing in our church choir and in the choir at school. Olivia (Reed) also can carry a tune!

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