Question of the Week: What do you like to do when you are not playing?

Oct. 31, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 11: When you are not playing volleyball, what is your favorite thing to do?

Jennifer Cross - When I'm not on the court I really enjoy some weird things. I love Harry Potter! Since I was nine have been listening to the audio books of Harry Potter every night before I go to sleep. If I don't listen to them I can't fall asleep properly. The first time I did this on a road trip, the girls thought I was crazy! I also really love video games. With two older brothers, we grew up playing Nintendo 64 and Sega. That has turned into a love for all types of video and computer games. I'm weird. I know.

Claire McElheny - My favorite thing to do outside of volleyball and school lately has consisted of hanging out with my roommates (Karlee, Sloane and Jackie) and watching scary movies in honor of Halloween.

Ally Sabol - I like the usual things like sleeping, TV and facebook. Lately though, our team has been really into Pinterest (a website). I have been doing that lately almost all the time when I'm not sleeping, at practice or doing homework. When I'm at home in Los Angeles, I like playing on our Wii with my sister, mainly tennis and Mario Kart. Somehow, the tennis makes us pretty sore.

Courtney Fletcher - I am obsessed with the website They have great ideas for cooking, arts and crafts, fashion, basically everything. So if I have any spare time I go on and find a new recipe or craft project to do. I find it very relaxing and fun!

Karlee Bruck - I honestly can't think of just one thing! Basically anything that is relaxing. During the week, our lives are pretty fast paced and chaotic, so it's always nice when we have free time to just sit back and do nothing. This year, a lot of us take advantage of our Sundays and either rent or go to the movies together. It's always a nice and fun way to end the week.

Lauren Teknipp - When I'm not playing volleyball I like to spend time with my four dogs! They are little, fluffy black dogs and their names are Michael Jordan, Jasmine, Tigger and Tank! I miss them so much now that I am away but can't wait to see them again soon.

Alex Hunt - My favorite thing to do off the court is to hang out with my roommates Brittany Lee and Courtney Fletcher. They are hilarious and there is never a dull moment at our house!

Brittany Lee - My favorite thing to do off the court is either go for a run or go squirrel watching. They are fantastic creatures and have so much to teach us.

Lexi Erwin - As boring as this sounds, my favorite thing to do when I am not playing volleyball is sleeping! As a student-athlete at Michigan, sleep is a luxury! I also love hanging with my friends and catching up with them.

Michelle McMahon - My favorite thing to do outside of volleyball is relax and spend time with my family. It sounds kind of opposite of my fiery nature but it is a rare occasion that for one, we are all together, and two, that I actually have time to just kick back and not have to worry about anything. My family is also known for being pretty entertaining, so they're pretty enjoyable to hang out with!

Catherine Yager - When I am not playing volleyball my favorite thing to do is to go to a movie or shop!

Olivia Reed - I would say my favorite thing to do is go to the movies with my friends. At the movie theater at home, we filled our own popcorn which is good because I'm one of those people who layers the butter. I also usually end up excessively quoting the movie with my friends until I go see another one. Recently the volleyball team has been quoting "Bridesmaids" a lot because we watched it on a bus ride.

Sloane Donhoff - It is hard to say what my favorite thing to do when not playing volleyball is, but I absolutely LOVE just relaxing -- watching movies, reading books/magazines, and occasionally going shopping.

Molly Toon - I really like to cook! I always lay out all of the ingredients on the counter; I think it is cool that you can put so many different things together to make up one final product. My favorite recipes to make are desserts.

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