Question of the Week: Who would play you in a movie?

Nov. 7, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 12: If a movie was made about your life, which actress would play you?

Claire McElheny - If my life was a movie, I could only hope Kristen Wiig would accept the leading role. We are both very sarcastic and awkward at times. Although she is much funnier than I am, I would enjoy seeing how she would handle some of the things that have happened in my life, such as breaking my hip playing kickball, peeing in my snowsuit on an eighth grade ski trip and having a unibrow for the majority of my childhood.

Olivia Reed - Halle Berry. Who wouldn't want to able to say that Halle Berry played them in a movie? She is such a great actress and I loved her in the "X-Men" movies.

Brittany Lee - If I could choose an actress to play me in a movie, I would choose Selena Gomez, first and foremost, because she dates Justin Bieber. I really do not care that much about her at all and would just use her to meet the Biebs. And yes, I do have Bieber Fever.

Ally Sabol - I would want Zooey Deschanel to play me because she is my favorite actress and "500 Days of Summer" is one my favorite movies. Not to mention, we sort of look alike because we are both pale with dark hair and blue eyes, but I wish my eyes were as blue as hers!

Alex Hunt - I would like to have Kristen Wiig from "Bridesmaids" and "Saturday Night Live." I think she is hilarious and would make my life funnier than it is.  

Catherine Yager - I would have to say Jennifer Aniston because from movies I have seen her in, she would play the part of me perfectly. She seems to have a similar personality and easy going character! 

Karlee Bruck - Oh my goodness, I literally have no idea!! I asked my best friend and my parents what they thought and my parents suggested Marlee Matlin because she has faced a lot of adversity in her life and has overcome it to become successful and happy like myself. My best friend, on the other hand, suggested Katherine Heigl because she has a lot of energy and spirit.

Sloane Donhoff - This is really hard, but I'm going to have to say Christina Applegate. Not because of looks since she is short and blonde but more so for personality. We have a very similar sense of humor, can be goofy but also have a serious side. I feel like she would take many of the events in my life and make them super entertaining!

Jennifer Cross - If there was a movie made about my life I think Elisha Cuthbert would play me. She is tall, blonde, blue-eyed and Canadian! She was also in "24," one of my favorite shows of all time! She also was on this show I grew up watching called "Popular Mechanics for Kids" that I thought was so cool. She seems like a very intelligent individual who I would be proud to play me in a movie.

Lauren Teknipp - I would want Angelina Jolie because she is always a really strong female figure. In "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," she is just as intense of a character as Brad Pitt plays.

Lexi Erwin - I feel like Amanda Bynes would play me in a movie about my life because she is a goofball. I tend to not take life so seriously like she does. And we have the same birthday so we are practically twins! 

Molly Toon - This is a hard question! I guess I would have to say Beyoncé, for obvious reasons.

Lexi Dannemiller - I would have to say Shakira because we both have crazy hair. Even though she is not an actress, it could be her breakout performance.

Michelle McMahon - I would play Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday" because she gets away from her life for a bit and ends up in the cutest little house in Ireland for the holidays. It just seems so glorious.

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