Question of the Week: What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Nov. 21, 2011

Each week during the 2011 season, will ask each member of the University of Michigan volleyball team the same question as the "Question of the Week."

Week 14: What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Brittany Lee - My favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving is the stuffing, especially the kind my mom and grandmother make. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time I take a bite. I wish I could tell everyone the secret ingredient they use, but it is as sacred as the Krabby Patty secret formula.

Molly Toon - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that you can eat as much as you want without getting judged, AND you get to eat dessert! I also love the fact that you get to be around the people you love. Last, but not least, I like it because it means that Christmas is coming!

Olivia Reed - My favorite thing is getting to spend time with my family, watching football and eating great food. Plus, I like to make a plan of attack for Black Friday.

Sloane Donhoff - My favorite part of Thanksgiving has to be surrounding myself with family, friends and AMAZING food. My favorite is this cranberry salad that my aunt makes. And honestly, after eating all the food for Thanksgiving dinner, the nap that follows is phenomenal.

Claire McElheny - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food coma. It's the only time of year I love the food coma feeling, which always leads to a great nap by the fireplace. Missing Thanksgiving due to volleyball for the past three years has been different without my family, but we've spent them as a team, which is the next best thing!

Karlee Bruck - My top four reasons:

1. The Food: Um. Duh? All of our favorite things on one table, in one night? Heaven!

2. The Conversation: Let's just say it's ALWAYS entertaining!!!

3. TV: Ever since I can remember all we watch is football and the parade, it is tradition!

4. Family: Most important reason.

Alex Hunt - My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting to eat a lot of really, really good food and then taking a nap after. Also, it is my favorite holiday because it combines two of my favorite things -- food AND family. What could be any better?

Lauren Teknipp - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that I can officially start listening to Christmas music the day after! I also love pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes; those are my two favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Catherine Yager - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food of course! Specifically mashed potatoes with corn mixed together! My grandmother and aunt make the best corn!

Ally Sabol - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the stuffing and the pie. It is really the only time I ever eat pie, and there are so many choices. This year, I get three Thanksgiving's because Jen's (Cross) Canadian Thanksgiving was earlier and her mom made us food. Last week, I ate it in the dorms with the freshmen. Finally, on actual Thanksgiving, I'm going to Michelle's house with Lexi Erwin to eat it with the McMahons!

Michelle McMahon - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with my family. It is so rare that we all get to take a day out of our busy schedule to enjoy each other's company. My brother, two sisters and parents have always been my number one fans and extremely supportive of me, so it is nice to have a day designated to giving thanks to the people in my life that mean the most. This year I am particularly excited for Lexi Erwin (and her dad and sister) and Ally Sabol to join us. Last year, Molly Toon came home with me and it was a blast; the more the merrier is the McMahon philosophy! I also can't wait to see my dog, Goober.

Courtney Fletcher - Since I have not been home in four years for Thanksgiving, I don't have a lot of set traditions. For the last three years though, I have spent Thanksgiving at Cassie Petoskey's house, which is always so much fun! There have been as many as 20 student-athletes that they take into their home and make Thanksgiving dinner for. Then after dinner, we all play charades and since we're all athletes and hyper-competitive, it gets pretty rowdy. The Petoskey's have been an amazing family away from home!

Lexi Erwin - My favorite part about thanksgiving food-wise is the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. But I am super close with my family, so sitting at the table together is my favorite part. This year, my dad and younger sister will be coming up, so I will have some family up here!

Jennifer Cross - My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers that you can eat for days and days. My mom makes the best mashed potatoes that have cream cheese in them. She also has to make several batches of stuffing because my brothers and I devour it so fast we need more than one batch.

Lexi Dannemiller - My favorite part about Thanksgiving is getting to see all my family that I don't usually get to see throughout the year. It is so great to have everyone together for a big meal, some football and pumpkin pie.

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