Notes & Quotes: Michigan 10, Iona 7; Brown 7, Michigan 5

March 11, 2012



Michigan Head Coach Matt Anderson
On overall assessment of the team on day one of the Red Fox Invitational ... "It's one of those things when you want to become a good team; you have to learn how to adjust to different environments. We're in a pool that is basically, 18 meters wide and it is shallow on one end, deep on the other. We scored 13 goals today in the deep end, only two in the shallow. We have to learn how to adjust in different environments. That's part of the mark of becoming a better team. We come into a day where both teams are fired up. They are playing in an environment that they play daily, a type of pool they play in daily. We have to do better. We lost tonight, plain and simple, we won this morning. It's not rocket science. If you make adjustments, and you learn what you need to do based on the different situations, whether that be the weather, the referees, the pool. That's the mark of a good team. That's what we're working on trying to become. "

On making adjustments against Brown in the second half ... "Honestly, we had a tie game in the fourth. We had a two-on-one; their goalie made a nice save. Then we had another breakaway. We just weren't able to finish. We had four great counterattack opportunities in the fourth. The best ones of the game, best one all day, we didn't finish. And as soon as we missed the second in row on a two-on-one breakaway, they came down and scored, which ended up being the game-winner. It's so close. It comes down to; we were an inch or two away from having two quick goals in 30 seconds. Then they come down and score. Brown beat us. So, we'll just have to get better and come back tomorrow and worry about the league game we are focused on winning."

U-M Junior Kiki Golden
On her six goals and the team's offensive against Iona ... "They allowed us to counter. Also, they left us open on some drives and we had some good 6-on-5 opportunities when there were ejections. We were driving more and we had better spacing."


• With the split, U-M moves to 5-0 versus Iona and 9-4 versus Brown in the all-time series.

Alex Adamson picked up the win versus Iona and is five shy of 50 for her career.

Kiki Golden's six goals against Iona are season high for goals in a game, moving her to third all-time in goals scored in one game.

• U-M's loss to Brown was its first since dropping a 9-8 decision to the Bears on March 18, 2007.

• The loss to Brown marks Michigan's first loss to a non-ranked team since April 29, 2007, when the Wolverines loss 5-3 to Indiana during the Eastern Championship.